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Style Vs Elegance – Jeans Vs Dress Pants

Jeans Vs dress pants:

Jeans Vs dress pants, Men Fashion Advice, what to wear

Jeans Vs dress pants.

Fashion in jeans, trousers, dress pants have long attracted the attention of men all over the world. For a while there has been a controversy between jeans vs dress pants. Both piece of clothings have its own look and perks.

Style Vs elegance – jeans Vs dress pants:

Jeans Vs dress pants, Men Fashion Advice, what to wear

Jeans Vs dress pants.

Jeans are worn by everyone and reasons vary; some wear it for comfort, some want it due to its durability, some desire it for looks and some simply do not know anything other than classical styles. Over the period of time jeans has always changed its styles; fit jeans, loose jeans, torn jeans, various pocket jeans, multi zipper jeans, faded jeans, and so on and so forth. They are available in huge variety of colours suitable for all men. With such a versatile piece of clothing, there is hardly any occasion in which you cannot wear it. Whether you are at a bar, at birthday party, at holiday, at work, at business meeting, at lunch or at date you can easily flatter anyone with a stylish pair of jeans. I will describe some of the ways in which you can wear this piece of clothing

  1. If you are going for some light event such as party, date, anniversary, or festival then you can wear it in numerous ways. For a date you can wear a cardigan on a slim fit jeans and a beanie if you wish along with matching sneakers.
  2. You can also wear fit jeans with a turtle neck shirt. You can wear biker jeans with a collar shirt and a fur collar jacket. With this outfit you can wear biker’s boots or hiking boots both will look fine.
  3. You can wear a self tie bow tie with a collar shirt and slim jeans with your trainers. T shirts look equally satisfying with slim and fit jeans or any classical jeans.
  4. For formal wears you can wear jeans with blazers and collared shirts with bow ties or scarves for a more refined look. You can have patchwork jeans, printed jeans, dyed jeans, faded jeans, vintage style jeans, and wrinkled jeans, wax coated jeans and any other style that you can come across while shopping. You can wear any knitwear and some suit jackets for a stylish and at the same time comfortable look with your slim and fit jeans. Smart dress shoes or retro brogues will compliment your attire.

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Jeans Vs dress pants, Men Fashion Advice, what to wear

Jeans Vs dress pants.

Dress pants have their own unique class. It can give you the exact looks of a refined sober gentleman. A proper tailored suit will always be a unique piece in your wardrobe and adding up of accessories with this outfit will make a fashion statement.  Dress pants with ties and bow ties look stunning and waistcoats and blazers or coats can further enhance your robe. Pleated dress pants, printed dress pants, slim and fit dress pants with slim hems are all available to you and you can pick according to your wish and need. Button down shirts, sweaters, jumpers, crew neck shirts will suit dress pants. Oxford shoes and boat shoes will always demand further attention with dress pants. If you want to stay ahead of everyone in fashion then keep upgrading your wardrobes with the latest styles and designs in both jeans and dress pants.

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