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A Casual Round Up – Fashion Basics

Fashion basics:

Fashion basics,  men dressing tips,  Men Fashion Advice

Fashion basics.

We have done too many articles about men’s formal looks; now just have a glance on casual round up on men fashion basics. Many guys question that is it okay to wear a T with trouser or a Ox ford shirt with jeans and denims? So for these guys my answer is, yes it is perfectly okay if you a T with trouser guy or a tailored shirt with jeans guy.

A casual round up – fashion basics:

So whatever you wear in your casual style looks perfect if you carry it perfectly. The more you spin the trends the more style you get. There are no hard and fast rules in carrying a casual look. It’s all up to you; you can wear anything in which you feel okay and comfortable. For example if you want to wear a cardigan over your oxford shirt in your night party you can wear if you feel okay, the only thing you have to do is contrasting of colors. Like if you are wearing a grey colored cardigan then pick a bight colored shirt below it. Casual is simpler than formal as in casual you have a series of varieties and options. We have compiled three casual round ups for you to guide you in your casual fashion basics.

  • Round up one: jeans and T-shirt lovers
Fashion basics,  men dressing tips,  Men Fashion Advice

Fashion basics.

The basic formula for a perfect casual look are the skill of making right proportion. If you have a jeans and a polo shirt and you want to carry it as your casual dress then what things would you keep in mind? Two most important things; one is the right proportion of color and second is the right proportion of combination.

Let’s suppose you have a light colored jeans then the right proportion of color would only happen with dark colored shirt. Or if you have both jeans and shirt in light color then make contrast with dark colors cardigan and shoe. You can also make combinations with blazers, cardigans, polo shirts and jeans. A polo shirt with casual trainer trouser will also look fine as casual form.

  • Round up two: tie and shirt lovers:
Fashion basics,  men dressing tips,  Men Fashion Advice

Fashion basics.

The focal theme of this round up is to look smarter even while staying casual. So that’s why you have to choose solid colored shirts with light colored chinos instead of jeans. When you are replacing jeans with chinos, it means you are trying to look little smarter and semi formal. So why not to add a tie? Tie isn’t compulsory but it can add little more elegancy in your casual style. Don’t tie it tight instead leave it loosely tied with one or two buttons open. Round up your sleeves for more casual plus smarter look and for more style half truck in your shirt.

For a night party why not to look smarter with your chinos and gingham shirt in mini checks with an elegant bow tie with desert or lace up shoes instead of blazer cardigan, jeans or polo shirt?

  • Round up 3: in between style:
Fashion basics,  men dressing tips,  Men Fashion Advice

Fashion basics.

So for those guys who want to stay in between both the style I mentioned above, you have broader ground to play with casual styles. In this round up you can wear whatever you want to wear in which you feel comfortable, stylish and classic. Whether it’s your chinos or jeans, your tailored shirt or polo shirt, plaid tie or bow tie, desert shoes or loafers everything is in your hand and it’s up to you how best you make proportions of these stuffs. You can wear a T with chinos and a button down shirt over your T and you can leave upper and lower button unclosed to have stylish plus casual look. Staying in between the casual style is easier as you get the broad spectrum of choices and trends to combine and make new combinations.

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