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Men Have To Do What A Man Have To Do – Casuals Plus Formals:

Casuals plus Formals:

Casuals plus Formals,formal dresses,men style

Casuals plus Formals.

Latest fashion trends are combining formal wear with casual wear to get something more easily and classic. Designers are doing efforts to diffuse the prominent lines between casual, semi formal and formal wears.

The same dress suite with nice tie and pocket square for office wear is now looks quite boring in these days when designers are merging formal with casual to invent fascinating trends. Similarly those same jeans with t-shirts for casual make the same boring sense. “Sometimes men have to do what a man have to do” is the phrase that actually defines the inner stylish sense and taste of man to mingle up different trends whether formal or informal to make their comfortable and well looking style.

Now the question is about casual plus formal! So here is a handy guide for best pairs and combinations of casual + formal to make classy combos for classy looks on classy events.

Men have to do what a man have to do – Casuals plus Formals

Business wear:

Casuals plus Formals,formal dresses,men style

Casuals plus Formals.

People are now more concentrated on their good professional looks at office but they also want to change that same dress suite that only change colors and remain in same old style. So designers have sorted out this problem by pepping up their dress suite. Adding a very nice shirt with a very bright tie in your dull and boring dress will make it more charming keeping you in your office look boundaries. Another most charming and completely different genre for men office appearance is adding a chinos or cigarette pants and slim belt with formal shirt and formal coat is very awesome and dynamic combination. It’s not compulsory to follow just these combos; you can also make your own combinations of stuff, accessories and colors.

Dressy evening look:

Casuals plus Formals,formal dresses,men style

Casuals plus Formals.

The blend of casual with formal help in making a modern yuppie combination for evening wears. Wearing a chinos or khaki pant with linen jacket and well tailored button down shirt will make you look chic stylish and vibrant. Adding a very formal watch and loafers to this look will increase the volume of charm. You can replace the linen jacket with fitted coat and button down with T-shirt to have a more dressy and stylish look casual plus formal stuff. Replacing one thing with another without making any distinction in formal and casual will help you finding out more and more combos of fashion.

Casual off-office looks:

Casuals plus Formals,formal dresses,men style

Casuals plus Formals.

The best dressing is that which help you to catch your friends get to gather or family gathering at home right after office. Pairing jeans with your dress coat or linen jacket with your dress pants and button downs or chinos with your button down shirt or T-shirt with a printed scarf and brogues will ever help you look chic cool and confident right after office in no time without changing the whole appearance. Mixing and blending is the focal point. It’s up to you how you replace the key stuff to transform the whole personality from one look to another.

Just keep in mind the meeting you are going to have this day, and then select your outfit accordingly. If you are going to have very formal meetings then go for dress suites and when you are back from meeting replace coat or pant or shoes with some casual stuff for the best transition of appearance according to place and time.


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