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MEN Mind Exercises For Positive Thinking


positive thinking


Bad mental health is the root of 80% of men’s ruined health. Diseases like stressed out condition, depression, anxiety and diabetes come from bad mental health.

Since a guy has to experience a lot on daily basis, he sure goes through a lot. Mind exercises are therefore are high needs for them.

In this article, we’re to mention the list of some exercises or remedies, that’d benefit you in thinking positive.

Get attached with these ideas and stay positive all throughout your life.

Keep your minds to children!

Children are the way to happiness. They bring genuine happiness to you. And the ecstasy you find with them is never-ending. Live for the kids, you’re surrounded with.

Life gets beautiful when the hearts are pure. And that’s why they tug ecstasy into your life. With how their smiles provide you comfort, those moments are worth living.

So being in love with kids is one of the exercises to keep your mind healthy.

Sleep and wake up early!

With dark nights, comes the darkness too. Your imagination grows and you’re unable to control the thoughts. With all the thoughts that are extended limitlessly – you think negative too.

And often you flashback to past, which may start disturbing you at that moment. Therefore a simple and easy trick to demerge such period of times is sleeping early. Then wake up early, when the sun rises. Rise up with beautiful aims and plan a great day to live.

Money isn’t the right happiness

Money isn’t the root to true happiness. It is just a way to cover your needs up. Excessive stress is earned as you fall for money. The wildness grows and desires too. And then you gain nothing but false peace which goes away soon.

Think of money as a part of life but not a way to it.

Travel as much as you can!

Travel and explore life. Expose yourself to all the beautiful things the world has for you. Remember – it is there for you, and only you. But you wouldn’t think that often, you’d always focus on negativity, neglecting the mesmerizing views God has made for you.

Travelling brings peace of mind. It brings passion for humanity. You earn humility and then you learn to turn even the negativity into positivity.

Humility is the key to gain positivity

Humility is the key to gain positivity. It is the way to attract positivity. Forgetting all the bad others do to you, if you’ve got even a bit of humility in you – you’d always be happy. Your mind would always rest in peace.

Stay simple no matter how fancy the world gets. Simplicity opens doors for humility.


Live for yourself and widespread love everywhere. That’s one of the ways to obtain peace. With the eternal peace comes positivity in life. And as you gain passion for life, the world becomes beautiful to you.

Life is beautiful and no wonder we’ve plenty of reasons to consider it that way. Stay blessed!

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