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Men Fishtail Parka Informations


Men fishtail parka



In the last posted article, we talked about essence of parka hoods. We went ahead talking about their important elements. We mentioned essential points that you must consider while choosing them.
Hope things got a lot clearer, and you’ve learnt some prominent points. So when we’re done stating that, next step is to display the list of all the enchanting parka hoods, present in markets lately.
One of the topmost parka type hoodies is fishtail parkas. Consumers have indeed insane and searching their exceptional styles.

To ease your efforts, we’re here presenting you their best styles!
Take a look;


Whitworth PRETTY GREEN Sixties Retro Parka Jacket
This is dark pretty green hooded, military parka jacket. It consist a nicely coated cotton construction and does provide you with everlasting comfort in the most frosting climate. The zip portion is pretty concealed.

Hood side is warm, attached with warm furs. The jacket covers you from top to stomach appropriately, ensuring to prevent you against severe chills. Price is $252.39! But don’t sweat on the price tag because it’s completely worth it.


Ashburn PRETTY GREEN Retro 60s Mod Parka Jacket

A little different from the previous parka piece, this one composes a great design too. It consists of number of broad pockets so you can keep your important stuff. With that it is a pretty green fishtail parka jacket!

It has a nice Tonal hood, sleeve and also pockets panels. Front portion of the jacket also carries a frontal zip that locks the jacket pretty well enough. This ensures your safety against freezing winds.

TROJAN RECORDS Retro Mod Fishtail Parka BLACK


With ensuring you the great safety against a bad weather, this piece also radiates charms of awesomeness from you. Jacket is fully black and while you put it on in a nice romantic climate of a dark night, you radiate an emo look. It consists of number of pockets as well, so you can safely put in your hands inside too.

You can snap pockets to change their outlook as well. Detachable hood in this jacket allows it to be as flexible as it can for the wearer. Price is $226.51, order today!


BEN SHERMAN 60s Retro Mod Gaberdine Fishtail Parka

Fashion turns back to the point from where it started. Talking about the old-school trends, we’ve got a 60s fashion reviving back to selling-markets today!

This type of parka follows its traditional approach. The way how it got originated with its very first styles!

This parka consist a blue shaded outlook. Hood portion is also warm enough and sufficiently covers your head to neck. Full length hood, concealed zip placket, vertically aligned branded buttons and drawstring fastens play vital role in enhancing its outlook.


We’ve made sure to list down the top-class parka hoods for you! Go ahead explore and select the most flexible one for yourself.

Winters have already stepped in. No wonder the frosting chills in the environment would be hitting us with seasonal fever a lot in this climate! So protect yourselves well.

Happy Winters!

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