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Ideal Meal Plan For Skinny Guys


Skinny guy meal plan


In the last article we discussed about winter’s meal plan. We mentioned few healthy food items which one should intake in winters to keep himself fit. After undergoing some frequently asked questions, we’ve found out how our readers are curious to know about what a healthy skinny guy meal plan is.


So in this article, we’re here to discuss it in a little detail. If you’re slim and skinny, get along with the below mentioned meal plan and be handsome again!


Take a look;



Eat a variety of foods, that’s the key number one. Normally when it’s about increasing weight or calories, men tend to consume just whatever that carries calories. You need to understand that too much of anything is never advantageous. So while you’re to decide a meal plan, make sure that you intake variety of food items in your every meal.
Try consuming the right amount of meat, chicken, vegetables in each of your meal. Only this kind of a meal is a healthy one!


Eat often if you’re extra slim so you gain weight. And this does not mean that you have to essentially intake the whole meal every now and then but only few of the food items.

For example, you can eat cucumber in the meantime, when it isn’t your lunch or dinner time. Of course, cucumber isn’t the only item. There are many other vegetable items you can most assuredly choose.

Sea Food diet isn’t the answer!

Like we said before, consuming only “a” food type isn’t the key. Similarly many men tend to consider sea food diet as a good source of gaining calories. Get aware of the fact that excessive consuming of any single type of food is infectious for health. So while you’d be consuming only “a” dish type in order to gain calories, you’d be harming your health.


Don’t think we’re against of gaining calories, in this article. While we have continuously advice you to not be a victim of a bad health for the purpose of gaining weight, you might have taken the whole concept wrongly perhaps.

Consuming the enough or more than average amount of calories is essential of course for a skinny person. In winters you may focus on eating natural sweeteners such as honey and similar items.


Eat vegetables to balance your diet in every meal. You can eat them in a little quantity but eating them is equally important. There should be a nicely decorated, mixed with all the important vegetable ingredients plate kept beside your every meal.



We’ve made our best to mention all the important elements of a skinny guy meal plan. One thing it is to be kept in the notice that a balance in every meal is essentially necessary. So whenever you’re up to set a nice meal plan for yourself, keep the “balancing point” into your consideration.

Happy winters!

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