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Happy New Year Gift For Men Teacher


New Year gift for men teacher

New Year is almost here. December’s here too. No wonder we all wait for such succulent days to come so we could rejoice the moments to the fullest. Life in the running era is complex. We have plenty of reasons to cry and then scream about it.
Hearts are broken, eyes are watered and souls are shattered. Certainly we aren’t in our best of the shapes. So while there are moments to enjoy, we shouldn’t miss chances by not living them.


Let’s plan to mend hearts on this New Year eve. Let’s complement the efforts of the ones who’re close to us. The ones who have played vital roles in shaping us into what we are today.


Let’s ignite the passion to appreciate our favorite people, especially our teachers.

Show some efforts to bring an excellent result in this semester!


Let’s face it our teachers aren’t looking for materialistic gifts. Though they would definitely appreciate our efforts for showing love and affection towards them, but they want to see us rising high.


Let’s gift them something that satisfy their hearts. Let’s gift them something that satisfy the fact that they have put their struggle on the right person.
Most probably, most of us students are having our semesters ended in the late of this year, December. If we finish up this semester with excellent result, it would definitely provide them everlasting happiness.



Tell them about how important they are to you


How do you handle sentiments when you have feelings for a woman? Of course, you deliver your thoughts onto her!
You don’t hesitate to express what you feel for her. Similarly express what you feel for your wonderful teachers. Tell them that they are important to you.


Write them letters that possess your true feelings for them, surprise them with sweet chocolates or gift them nothing but words. Tell them the words that may carryout world’s emotions which finally justify their essence in your life.

Give them the credits for making you what you are today


So as the New Year eve arrives, call them. This surprising call would certainly make them ask you questions like, “What’s up kid? What made you to call me at this moment of time?” Etc.


Once they are done asking you that, simply tell them, “Sir you are the reason what I am today”.


This would melt their hearts with ecstasy. Their happiness would be everlasting. And the peace they’d obtain, after hearing you telling them that – it’d be an absolute worth living moment for.




Appreciate their efforts with your best talent



Discover yourself, what’s that thing you’re most good at? Is it writing poetry? Is it singing? Is it acting? Or any of the talents you may possess.
Give them your appreciation for making you what you’re today in your best of talent. Sing them the songs and play them a guitar or drawing their sketch would suffice.


Coffee Mug!


A teacher struggles days and nights for their students. Caffeine is therefore something on which they often depend on.


What you can do is, gift them a mug that contains their name printed over it. Though a mug isn’t something so impressive but a little innovation on a mug that reflects teacher’s identity would definitely serve a hand full of respect and that would definitely enlighten his mood.


Show a little student spirit and decorate your class


When the New Year eve arrives, give a sweet tribute to him by setting a nice theme of the class.


Design the theme of class with his name written on decorative paper pieces.


You can write down the lessons he had taught you on the walls, reflecting the fact that you have remembered everything he had done for you.


At least once in this time of the year, make him feel that the class belongs to him.



Happy New Year eve Sir Zulqarnain, you’re the best in the world!

“And I’m a student of the world’s most awesome teacher, named as “Zulqarnain”.” – states a proud student (Bilal) from Iqra University.


Zulqarnain is grooming lives in Iqra University. Never giving up on students, who lack behind and are aloof and gloomy. He is always there to back their worlds up, whenever they’re down. presents best of its wishes to all the amazing teachers out there, involved in building lives, including Zulqarnain.


“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Teachers like you Zulqarnain, you put impact on lives. So keep enchanting young leaders for you are meant to make a difference. And don’t forget that we admire your efforts.

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