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For Men Is It Better To Run Or Walk To Burn Fat


run or walk to burn fat


Many people tend to go crazy between the question, “Is it better to run or walk in order to burn fat?”

And thus it comes under one of the most frequently asked questions list. To answer this sort of a question, we’d have to explore through multiple body structure categories.

It depends. It depends on the body type you possess. And accordingly, we may decide of that if it is better to run or walk to burn fat.


For a slim-body containing belly fat!

There are slim bodies, containing good stamina but a little belly fat. For such a person, who has a nice metabolism approves that he could run a bit. It actually is not about the fact that running does more than walking does.

It is about the amount of sweat you take off. Therefore while you run or jog, a much rapid sweating takes place. So if you think you’ve got it in you to cope up with jogging flexibly than prefer it over walking.
Obese and a big tummy!

It is certain that obese can’t jog so much. In such circumstances, what matters is that how determined you are. Are you enough determined to go on walk on daily basis?

Do you wake up each morning with a determination to lose or reduce even a little of calories? If yes, then you are doing a really good job.

Take small steps, the little-most steps and climb up the roof. Just do not look back for you’re doing pretty good and already giving off excellent efforts.
Average fat in the body – not so fat guy

Now there are circumstances, just like how we discussed before. Some fat guys can run because they have the will to reduce fat rapidly. However, some can’t for they don’t possess such immense stamina.
But then again, if you are determined and carrying on the whole process with pure determination then you aren’t lacking in anything. As long as you’re following the process on daily basis, you’re doing well.


Does your body lose weight easily?

Even if you have the guts to jog frequently, but you know that your jeans lose weight easily – then don’t go so hard on yourself. Walk on daily basis and consume the food items which aren’t so sugary.

Go easy on yourself and take it as a bonus point. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to prefer jogging over walking because frequent walks would go best on you.


For the most part, it’s important to stay passionate and stuck to your goal. If you’re determined and scoping to achieve your aim, then the process doesn’t matter. You’d make out a way for you anyway, sooner or later.
However, a better process does play a role in making the change rapid though. If you think you can jog and desire to achieve results soon, then running is better. But there are people, who after witnessing the extensive amount of efforts prefer to do nothing over doing anything.

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