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Is Wiping Wetness By A Body Towel Good For Face?


Wiping wetness by a body towel:

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Is wiping wetness by a body towel good for face?

Wiping wetness by body towel is nothing but a foolish way to get rid of the wetness. A big ‘NO’, to the above-mentioned statement as, it is not good for many reasons. Body towel is mainly for body purpose not for the face. Many people do this because they do not know its aftermaths. However, one must think prior to doing anything that what he is going to do is correct in all manners or not. And obviously, wiping wetness by a body towel is not good for your face.

Is wiping wetness by a body towel good for face?

It has grave impacts on your face skin. As you know that face skin is very sensitive and some male have an extra sensitive skin and their skin gets pimples and brown freckles just due to dirt particles and unfavorable environment. Thus how it will be better for that skin to use the body towel? When body towel touches the face it exchanges the bacteria and it sometimes excites allergy to the skin. Ever thought how disastrous it will be for you?

Want to know what may be the other repercussions of it. Let me unfold before you the matter clearly. Bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms are omnipresent and also you are not able to see them with your naked eye. The towel is used by everyone in home and when it has been used it is hanged aside. That’s why dust particles and dirt attaches with it and we all know these dust particles are suspended in the air and becomes the source of transferring bacteria from the dust to the towel. Hence, you must not use the body towel on the face ever.

If you are habitual of using the body towel but now you are trying to get rid of this habit then there are some easy measures for you to follow which can help you quit this habit for sure.

  1. Take a roll of tissue paper and hang it along with the wash basin. This way tissue will always be your first priority.
  2. Make a separate towel if you do not like to use tissue paper. However, here I will not recommend you a towel. Because when you wipe wetness from the towel it causes your skin to rash and you become prone to a lot of skin related infections.
  3. You can also have a handkerchief for wiping wetness of your face as it is easy to use. You can put it on your dressing table.

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  1. Shawn says

    So if you keep it on forever it will irritate the skin the toothpaste has a drying effect on your acne.

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