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What Is More Good – Razor Or Shaving Machine?

Razor or shaving machine?

Razor or shaving machine, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

Razor or shaving machine?

Un-necessary body hair have always been the major problem for men specially. Because they have more hair on their body than women and for grooming hairy body is a sign of dirty nasty fashion habits. So for a groomer a clean hair less body is very essential to maintain his style statement.

No matter how much stylish you make yourself, if you have rough hair on your face and body without maintenance then your fashion is just going to waste.  So to keep a clean and well-groomed image, guys remove their body and facial hair by number of means. They make different approaches to remove their hair like waxing, threading, shaving by machine and razor. But 90% guys choose the painless and less time consuming way to make themselves clean every day or every second day that is shaving either by razor or shaving machine. When you have to get ready in few minutes and you don’t have time to go to saloon for threading and waxing then just opt for shaving. Both shaving by razor and machine have pros and cones. I am going to tell some facts about razor and shaving machine then you can choose what you should opt for your need. So the question is razor or shaving machine? Below is the answer.

What is more good – razor or shaving machine?

  • Razor:
Razor or shaving machine, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

Razor or shaving machine?

  1. This is the traditional way of shaving and removing unwanted hair from your body. Whether it’s your face or any other body part you can easily shave. Razor is easy to carry and handle. It is light weight and you can handle it for long time during shave without getting tired. On the other hand this is a very cheap way of shaving, what you need is just a bubble soap, manual razor, new blades and towel. You can easily use it laying in your bath tub without worrying about its charging and electricity short circuit while using in bath.
  2. Now lets talk about the disadvantages of razors. No doubt this is the traditional and cheapest way of removing hair from body. But sometimes cheap things leads to expensive medical treatments. The sharp blades you use in your razors can cause injuries while using. The cuts by razor may get infected that may lead to various skin infections. On the other side its blade needs to get changed every time, and razor needs to be replaced every month. For facial shaving you need to be extra careful about your facial skin which is very sophisticated. Last but not the least it is a very time consuming and tiresome way of removing hair.
  • Shaving machine:
  1. Shaving machine a blessing of latest technology. Now you don’t have to change its blades and the machine itself. This is very quick way of removing un-wanted hair. You don’t have to do efforts while hair removal, the machine itself removes hair, you just have to move it smoothly on your skin. It doesn’t need bubble soup for hair removal. No matter which part of your body you are going to remove hair from, it is best for all parts of body. The most important advantage is that you stay safe from blade injuries and infections.
  2. Shaving machine also have disadvantages, like it is difficult to handle. It requires maintenance and careful use. You have to keep it charged to avoid half work done. You have to keep it clean and updated to avoid any problem in your machine. Shaving machine is fast and many guys can’t handle it especially when they are making any beard or moustaches style. Last but not the least shaving machine is very expensive compared to razor.

Now it is your choice!

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  1. The Karmin T7 is my favorite

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