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Got Guts? Eat More Nuts – Men Fitness Tip:


Eat more nuts!

Eat more nuts, men fitness, health care,
Eat more nuts – Men fitness tips.

Men affair- yes when it comes to men one says they should be handsome and smart, but at the same time they should be healthy and strong and they should not be over weigh or should not be too weak and skinny! Foooh! What a hard time men has to go through. One may say that forget everything. Let it go as life takes it along. Nothing is worth focusing simply because you are a man. A MAN! Dear men, gone are the days when mere “being a MAN’ made a difference! This is the time of gender equality where female mostly have an edge for being what they are. Strange but true, men are more carefully weighted in terms of looks, styles, grooming, education and God knows what not! Among many problems fitness has always been men’s issue no matter what age they belong to. Add to your fitness tip and eat more nuts!

Got guts? Eat more nuts –  Men fitness tip:

Eat more nuts, men fitness, health care,
Eat more nuts – Men fitness tips.

Are you a health conscious person? Do you want to have a good heath but sick of dieting for reducing your weight and mass? Or are you tired of being too thin and skinny that people have sympathies with you?  No worries dear men I have some easy and readymade tips for you no matter what problem you may have. I am not guaranteeing that it will give you a 100 percent success but at least it will help you solve majority of issues. When comes the problem of being too fatty or being too skinny you need to get control of your saturated and unsaturated fats and most importantly cholesterol level in your body. Remember that high level of cholesterol can lead you to different heart diseases, hormonal problems which really can give you a tough time.

Eat more nuts, men fitness, health care,
Eat more nuts – Men fitness tips.

Let’s start with remedies for people with high fat. Almonds what do you know about them? They are calorie rich, they make you fat and what not! Do you know that taking in anything in the right quantity and right time will nourish you only with no fat and nothing? By taking 5-7 raw almonds in the morning you will be able to reduce fat and burn some fat. The best way to do it is mixing them with some dried cranberries in a salad and take it instead of your afternoon lunch. Its better to reduce your egg intake where your protein needs will be covered by almonds.  

“A 2003 study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders showed that over- weight and obese people on a low-calorie, almond-enriched diet had a 56% greater reduction in body fat compared with those on a low-calorie, high-carb diet”.

Add to your diet some walnut – it is also a good source of weight forget the herbs and tasteless brown breads have some nuts for some guts!

Eat more nuts, men fitness, health care,
Eat more nuts – Men fitness tips.

The picture is not over. Almonds may help you in building up of your muscles. Puzzled? Yes almonds are rich in calories and anti – oxidants and also a good source of vitamin E. They will also help you with your skin affairs. Support this almond diet with macadamia, pistachio, walnut, peanut and cashew nuts. Remember that a protein rich diet is all that you need to get slim yet smarter body. And nuts have all that you need. Remember that every nut on earth is a blessing from God, they are like multi vitamins which strengthen you up yet give you a nicely shaped body.

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