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Is Being Metrosexual Bad? – MENFASH

Being metrosexual:

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Is being metrosexual bad? – MENFASH.

With the globalization at its peak there are not a few reforms that have taken place. It is indeed a true fact that globalization has covered all the aspects of human life other than the business sector only. It is a widely known phenomenon that the one who controls the industries can rule on the overall lifestyle of ours. Yes! A simple answer to the above statement is that we can only go for those products that the market produces. Fashion and styles are no doubt an essential of all the chores in our lives. Yet people often question that is being metrosexual bad? Let’s dig up the answer.

Is being metrosexual bad? – MENFASH:

It started with fashion and clothing which turned the man to run after a metrosexual look. History reveals that the concept took a little while to be acceptable to people but now it has become a necessity. Yes! I really said necessity not a need. Gone are the days when these metrosexual look and appearance was just limited to the bars and media only. It was in 80’s when this look was seen in TV commercial and performances only. For men of our time, this is not a novel concept anymore.

Often we see a debate on a man’s metrosexual look. This word only relates to the idea of men practicing fashion, caring about their looks and keep themselves prim and proper. Those harsh look, rough hair and beard and smelly clothes are simply out of question in this metro sexual look. It is now a matter of routine practice for every man nowadays.

The idea of men’s beautification is not at all a taboo, not now and not even then when this idea emerged.  Now the question of it as being good or bad, I would say everything has its pros and cons. It is now the responsibility of the users to use it wisely. This no more novel concept has given the sense to men about their hygiene and neatness. It forces every man to look forward to be presentable as much as he can. It has made man health conscious and caring. The metro sexual look demands being slim and smart, nor fat neither thin. There should be some symmetry and shape of your body. So now even men are particular about what they eat and what not. The men have more grooming sense now.  They are now more particular about their styles and looks.

As for their negative effects, there are a few of those too. In quest of a metro sexual look men are losing their identity. Yes! Identity in the sense that they share the common grooming ways with woman, they share same makeovers, similar dressing style and same accessories. For example if make-up is an essential part of a women’s life, it is as important in men’s life too. Not only this, having fair complexions, trimmed eye brows, hair and beards are all the example of similarities. The fashion of wearing fitted clothes and bright colors are all borrowed ones and they give the same impression as that of women’s. So having metro sexual looks are not bad provided that they are used intelligently and in manly style.

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