4 points on How to shave – Men’s Grooming guide for beginners

4 points on How to shave – Men grooming guide for begginers

How to shave ?

Today we will let you know 4 essential points on how to shave properly – A simple Men’s grooming guide for beginners. If you have just started thinking of shave, but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, here in this guide we will let you know simple 4 points formula of shaving for best experience.


4 points on How to shave – Men grooming guide for begginers
How to shave properly?

Shaving is one of the most important things for men to do every morning when they wake up. Shaving is one of the oldest habits of men practiced from centuries; it refers to removing hairs from the face, usually with help of a razor. The process of shaving involves tools like brush, mirror and most important a razor (sharp blade), this was the most basic and initial method used from the beginning, but in our current times there are several other ways you can use to speed up your shaving and save your precious time.

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this but there is a myth about shaving that if you shave frequently than your hairs will grow back more quickly and densely. Now honestly speaking this is not true, because of this myth many men fear shaving on a regulate basis. Let me tell shaving doesn’t affect the growth of your hairs, your hairs only become thick because of the angle of shaving which you are using. The hairs of your face become thicker and grow with time more thickly once you become sexually mature. So this means that process of puberty differs from one another.

The most essential part of a men’s grooming is shaving. You shouldn’t fear pointless myths like these and shave on a regular basis. 90% of men shave at least once daily. Now if you want to shave on regular basis and you want to speed up your shaving than keep these tips in your mind and save your precious time.

How to shave – Speed up your shaving with this Men’s grooming guide:

  • How to shave – Point Number # 1:

Before you start shaving its really essential that you prepare your skin for it.  Make your skin ready for the sharp blade, in this making ready process you need to wash your face with warm water for some time or you can dab your skin with hot towel. If you are going for the towel option then keep on dabbing your face with towel so that the steam doesn’t evaporates off quickly. Or as a final option you can always go for hot shower.

  • How to shave – Point Number # 2:

The second point of the shaving process is the basic and most important, and it is that you should always use a shaving gel for shaving. You have to put the gel on the brush and then rub it on the hairs of your face for like three minutes. Applying shaving gel with the brush is necessary as brush is one of the best tools for shaving and it won’t take you more than three minutes to do that. Always use shaving gel if you want to speed up your shaving. We are emphasizing on using a shaving brush because when you shave with a shaving brush even the smallest layer of hair is turned soft and it becomes loose from the root. Plus, friction that is produced from the brush makes your skin ready for the blade so it doesn’t gets irritated later.

  • How to shave – Point Number # 3:

After the brushing step you use a razor to remove the hair from your face. Always use a new and fresh blade for shaving this way you will stay protected from any kind of infections. And always make sure when you are shaving, don’t tighten your skin and always do it in the direction of hair growth.

  • How to shave – Point Number # 4:

After your shaving process ends its time for the finishing touches, so for that you need to nourish your skin. It’s necessary that you wash your face with warm water and use a face wash than contains high concentration level of tea tree oil. Your skin also needs moisture after shaving so it’s really necessary that you apply a good moisturizer for your after shaving, these moisturizers are easily available in markets.

So I hope you will find these tips beneficial. These tips will help boost your persona because appearance counts a lot. So enjoy shaving!

We tried to put up how to shave guide in easiest way possible. If you still come across any issues feel free to comment.

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