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Say Good Bye To Beard

Bye to beard:

Bye to beard, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

bye to beard.

From last few years the trend of long beard remained on peak. Rough, bushy and long beard were the first preference of stylish guys. But now this is the time to wave hands to say goodbye to beard style. From top models to the street boys, people are switching from beard to classic clean shaven face.

After all it has been a very long time when beard has ruled the fashion market. But now people are loving this transition from beard to clean shave. Clean shaven face is easier to keep clean, groomed and fresh instead of beard face which itself needs a lot of care. But a perfect clean shaved face is also not that easy. You have to learn how to get it right. This article is all about the best products and gadgets you can use to get your face clean shaved and hence say goodbye to beard.

Say good bye to beard:

  1. Clippers:
Bye to beard, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

bye to beard.

When you have decided to have a clean shaved face, you can’t use your razor straight away. Instead you have to clip your beard as short as possible so that your razor can do its work properly. So, take your clipper and clip your beard to it shortest length. Hold a mirror and watch any cut, pimple or any injury within beard hair so that you may take care while shaving.

The best beard trimmer is Phillips beard trimmer which is priced for only 79.99£. It has water proof blades and laser feature and best for professional beard trimming. The most economical beard trimmer with water proof blades is Remington beard trimmer which is priced for only 28.99£

  1. Wet shave bag:
Bye to beard, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

bye to beard.

Days gone, when people used to purchase shaving bags with rough tools and they have to change their shaving blades on daily basis. Now the top companies are offering luxurious shaving packages for wet shave with perfect shaving soaps and brushes and all other essential tools. The most famous brands are Czech and speak, Wilkinson Sword and Pankhurst London who are offering the complete packages for classic shaving tools. These brands also guarantee you the best tools and their performance.

It’s not just the tools that do the good performance but it’s your effort also. Just wet your face before applying cream. Then apply the quality shaving cream like Geo F Trumper and others. Make sure all your facial hair are covered in cream. Now begin your shaving with quality razor.

  1. after shave:
Bye to beard, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

bye to beard.

Now you have done with your beard and finally it’s gone. Now what? This is not the end of process. Because your goal is to look glorious and fresh till the next beard grows up. So don’t leave your face as it is after shave. Gently wash your face with cold water and dry it with soft towel. Now to close your facial pores, you need a good cream. We suggest you Daily facial moisturizer, Truefit and Hill and Trafalgar shave balm. These are top best after shave cream that provide your facial skin the maximum of nourishment and moistures.

  1. Important transitions:
Bye to beard, Men Grooming Tips, Men Facial Hairs

bye to beard.

Now you are clean shaved, with this major change you have to change many other things in your dressing and hair style accordingly. Like when you were bearded you hair was short to make a good proportion. But now you are clean shaved you have to grow your head hair little long with sides short and bulk of hair on top.

On the other side, when we talk about dressing you have to be more classy in dressing. Like wear slim fit suites with crew neck and sneakers. Try to pair chambray shirt with coat and chinos.

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