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Stay Classy With Narrow Feet Jeans:

Narrow feet jeans:

Narrow feet Jeans, Casual men fashion, dressing tips;

Narrow feet Jeans.

A pair of jeans is all about being classy and comfortable. Everybody prefers wearing jeans over any other piece of clothing. And why wouldn’t they? Jeans almost scream comfort and casual. Jeans are that one item of clothing that can go days without washing. The more it’s worn, the better it is!When it comes to jeans, there too is much to choose from. You can get them in plenty of colors or shades and in various styles and cuts too; one of them being, ‘The narrow feet jeans’. They are also commonly known as skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, the fit or the spray on jeans because they cling to your legs for their dear life. But those who are a bit shy and hesitant to show off their figure, they can buy the standard jeans. The standard jeans differ from the narrow feet jeans as they are made of cotton and have slightly wider ankle opening than the skinny ones. So you can wear them as an alternative to the skinny jeans since they are not that revealing.

Stay classy with narrow feet Jeans:

Narrow feet Jeans, Casual men fashion, dressing tips;

Narrow feet Jeans

Spray on jeans is to be worn if you have a well-proportioned and maintained body. If you plan on wearing them on a narrow waist then you should keep in mind that they will define every single aspect of your physique. They can even make you look more lanky, whereas if you have a well-defined and slightly heavy body, then that would be prominent enough too. Thus, concluded, you need to be confident and sure about your body if you decide to wear them and wish to pull off a smart look. There is absolutely no denying that ‘the spray on’ jeans would draw attention to every single imperfection of your body, yet if worn carefully they often end up making a killer fashion statement.

Narrow feet Jeans, Casual men fashion, dressing tips;

Narrow feet Jeans.

While dressing, you need to stay away from the ‘all-tight-everything’ mentality. There’s absolutely no need to wear a perfectly fitted shirt since you are already going to a wear well fitted jeans. No, we don’t want you to look skimpy. So keep your slim fitted shirts reserved for loosely-tailored pants and go for loose t-shirts with your skinny ones. Loose shirts with vibrant colors and symbolic tattoos are what you should be looking for. During summer, wear refreshing, light colors and bright, dark colors for those winter nights. You can also opt for an alternative that is a nice blend of the dark and the dull colors.

Narrow feet Jeans, Casual men fashion, dressing tips;

Narrow feet Jeans.

For a final touch, you can wear sneakers of different style and colors. Your narrow ankle jeans would distinguish them from your entire clothing. Folding the jeans a bit at the ends would help you better celebrate the color of your sneakers. As long as long boots are concerned, they would look nice with spray on jeans too. You can wear matching belts and add classy watches to your look. Finely-tailored velvet waist coats, on top of the button down shirt along with skinny jeans and sneakers would make a striking contrast. You can add scarves, caps and jackets during winter and wear slim fitted t-shits under your coat or jacket. Done that,you will find versatility in every look you choose to own.

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