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They Only Look Cool If You Wear Them Right – Baggy Pants:

Baggy pants:

Baggy pants,Men fashion outfits,what to wear

Baggy pants.

Baggy pants were at their peak in fashion in the 1990’s and late 2000’s. People dressed up in baggy pants more often and they found them quite comfortable. This was probably why, we can say, they became the most important part of ‘hip hop’ style. However, we can also not confirm that everybody liked this style. Baggy jeans basically are loosely fitted jeans; sometimes they are low enough to show the strip of your underwear. The other times, people tend to wear them far too low-something not very pleasant, I’m sure. This was exactly why they were banned by the North American local governments. People were not allowed to wear baggy pants to schools and even some airlines passed laws and regulations against the practice of wearing baggy pants.  No other state was reported doing the same. Barak Obama once said that:

 “laws banning the practice of wearing low-slung pants that expose one’s underwear were “a waste of time” … Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. Some people might not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them.”

They only look cool if you wear them right – Baggy pants:

Baggy pants,Men fashion outfits,what to wear

Baggy pants.

Although there is no reason as to why you should stop wearing something you like to wear, it should make you only more determined. You may learn proper ways to wear different pieces of clothing. I would like to state some ideas as to how you should wear your baggy pants. Baggy pants are available in various styles; destroyed, frayed, worn with vintage looks and finishes. You can find them in different colors too. If you do not like the same old stuff or the kind of denim available, you need to get some canvas belts to add up in your wardrobe along with you baggy pants because it’s better to wear them with canvas belts that have a sliding buckle, rather than the leather ones with a pin buckle. With the help of canvas belts, you can wear tighter pants.

Baggy pants,Men fashion outfits,what to wear

Baggy pants.

You should pair up your baggy pants with proper fitting shirts as loose tops with baggy pants would only make you look funnier. If you like wearing your pants low, you might want to wear a hoodie or a bigger size that reaches just lower than your waist and covers up a substantial amount of area of your behind. You can wear sneakers that match your cap or your top that would make you look funkier. If you are wearing saggy paints for the first time and you are a shy person, don’t make the mistake of wearing them high and then lower by each passing day, rather practice wearing them at your home first and then wear them confidently once and for all. Once you get comfortable wearing your pants lower, you can add expressions and styles to it like the ones that have graphics on the back and the front. Then again it’s up  to you suit yourself as you like.

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