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Winter Diet Plan 2015-16: What To Eat And What Not To?


Winter diet plan 2015-16:

Winter diet plan 2015-16, men winter trends 2015-16, health care, men fitness,
Winter diet plan 2015-16.

Just as following fashion is a necessity, there are some other factors too that contribute to our efforts to be the most fashionable guy on earth. Remember, having the best possible look is not as easy as you think. Where there are many other things to keep in our mind, there we have to take care of our sizes too. Yes when I say size, it refers to your weight, physique, and your health. So here I’ll be discussing the most effective winter diet plan 2015-16 that can help you stay fit even in the toughest of conditions.

Winter diet plan 2015-16: What to eat and what not to?

There are people who take care of themselves in terms of their body mass, but in the quest of not gaining extra weight, they often lose the freshness and there carefree attitude, but that shouldn’t be the case. Keeping yourself fit and smart becomes more challenging in winters as our metabolic rate is naturally very slow thus the food we take is not properly utilized, resulting in excess of fat accumulation.

Now the real task is making the right selection of foods in winters. People who have less appetite in summers turns more skinny in winter and the only reason is they do not take sufficient water and thus their hunger is reduced. So winters can really be pressing if you are a heavy weight or even if you are a skinny person because extremes of anything are not at all desired.

  • If you are underweight (Skinny):
Winter diet plan 2015-16, men winter trends 2015-16, health care, men fitness,
Winter diet plan 2015-16.

During winters skinny people have somehow a good chance. Only if they take sufficient water their appetite will be increased forcing them to eat in the right quantity. Nuts and citrus fruits all have some advantages. They will help you gain a little weight and with that they will bring back the freshness and glow on your skin. Remember that the more you increase the fruits intake the better will be your body hydration. You will not have to face problems like dry and damaged skin. Eating beef is also the right choice for you in winters. Its fat will contribute to your body. Remember that skinny people have more oil needs in winters than the fat ones.

  • If you are overweight (Fat):
Winter diet plan 2015-16, men winter trends 2015-16, health care, men fitness,
Winter diet plan 2015-16.

And if you have a huge body mass then you should surly follow the below given do’s and don’ts in your food intake. First of all take plenty of water as the water helps in regulation your body metabolism rate. The better the metabolism rate the better your weight control will be. Winter is the right time to eat nuts so eats almonds (6-7) daily in the morning. Almond is a good source of reducing cholesterol levels in your body. Similarly make a routine to eat walnuts daily. In the very same way, try to rely more on fruits in summers. The fruits with citric acid are a good source of cutting down your extra fat yet nourishing your body.

So remember that seasonal fruits and vegetables are a good source of nutrition for your body provided that you take it properly in the right quantity. And yes keep in mind that winter fruits are low calorie fruits.

Feel free to go for this (winter diet plan 2015-16) whether you are under weight or overweight.  This will work for you and help you attain a good healthy body even in tough winter conditions.

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