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How To Get Shiny Eyes?

Shiny eyes:

Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

“Eyes are windows to the soul” is a famous proverb that means that your eyes can speak everything without moving lips. That’s the main reason that people want their eyes glowing, sparkling and shining all the time. Your eyes are very prominent feature of your face and if your eyes are looking clear sparkling and beautiful, you whole face looks fresh and glowing. Shiny eyes are the symbol of happiness, health and joy. Glowing eyes makes your face look fresh and attractive. While, the Glow less eyes can be due to many physiological, mental and psychological reasons. That might be due to poor health, bad sleeping habits, stress, poor nutrition, dehydration, excessive smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. All these habits are common in youth, that leads to glow less eyes and that’s the reason why every second young man have this complaint.

How to get shiny eyes?

So to have shining eyes, i have many tips for you to try. Here are some home remedies:

  1. Exercise:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

Have you ever heard about eye exercise??? You might have never heard about it because that’s uncommon. But you will be amazed to see the wonders this exercise can do to your eyes. Eye exercise give life back to your eyes. Here are few eye exercises you can do on daily basis for shining eyes:

  • Close your eyes tightly and squeeze them, then open them suddenly. Do this exercise until your eyes starts to water. This exercise is good for tired eyes. Especially in summers when you step in to your home after long day work in hot weather, your eyes get tired and dehydrated. In this situation this exercise will do a big favor for you.
  • Move a pointed thing like pen or pencil before your eyes and focus on the moving point.
  • Rub your hand palms until they get warm then place the warmed palms on your eyes for soothing effect.
  1. Cucumber:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

Cucumber is the best vegetable to soothe your tired and glow less eyes in no time. Cucumber is also helpful in removing puffiness and dark circles from your eye.

  • Cut slices of fresh cucumber.
  • Place them in refrigerator for 15 minutes and let them get chill.
  • Now take them out and lay down on a flat surface.
  • Now place the chilled cucumber slices on your eyes.
  • Leave them until you feel fresh.
  • You can also change slices time to time.
  1. Rose water:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

This is my own favorite treatment to rejenuvate tired and glow less eyes as well as face.

  • Dip cotton puffs in rose water.
  • Place cotton balls on your eyes.
  • Leave them for 10-15 minutes.
  • You can also use rose water spray.
  1. Hydration:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

One best and easy way to sparkling eyes is keeping the level of hydration leveled in your body.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydration leveled.
  • Splash cold water maximum times in a day.
  • Eat fresh vegetables to keep yourself hydrated.
  1. Massage:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

Increasing blood circulation to your eyes keep your eyes shining and fatigue free. Massage is a good way to increase blood circulation to your eyes.

  • Take few drops of any oil or massage lotion.
  • Spread it on your eyes.
  • Now gently massage your eyes in circular way.
  1. Tea bags:
Shiny eyes, Men Grooming Tips, Health care

Shiny eyes.

Have you ever thought that tea bags can help you in any way else than tea? Tea bags do wonders in bringing back your eye shine.

  • Just take two tea bags (green or black).
  • Place them in hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Now take them out and squeeze them to remove excess water from them.
  • Now place them in refrigerator for sometimes until they get cool.
  • Now place them on eyes.
  • You can repeat this treatment anytime you feel your eyes are getting tired.

These are few home remedies you can do at your home to rejenuvate your eyes and enjoy real shine and life in your eyes.

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