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How To Clip Your Nails Properly – MENFASH


Clip your nails properly:

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Importance of clipping nails.

When we talk about cleanliness, it comprises of many things but when we talk about corporeal cleanliness, then it means personal hygiene that includes cleaning of hands, toes, and all of our body. But the question that has been quite popular these days is how to have clean hands? You know that nails are the integral part of our hand. So, we have to take care of it equally well. They must not only be groomed but also kept short in order to keep them in a good shape. Because if you take a good care of your nails at the first place, you hands won’t be requiring much efforts then. So, here we conclude that clipping nails is an important practice indeed, but how to do it properly is another important aspect. Because even the slightest bit of mistakes can let your whole personality down. So here we are going to discuss how can you clip your nails properly within four simple steps.

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How to clip your nails properly – MENFASH:

  • Importance of clipping nails:

Why clipping of the nails are mandatory? We are living in the age of science and we know the pros and cons of everything. When nails grow, dust particles and germs are occupied in the nails which, when you eat the food with the help of your hands, gets into your stomach and makes you ill; which can even at times cause serious infections. So, it is advised to keep your nails short.

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Also, people having long nails may have to go through severe pain due to nail sharpness. You know that many males are habitual of chewing their nails in their leisure time or when they are caught up in any sort of difficulty. This habit makes their nails bad and also the skin gets damaged. So if you seriously wants to get rid of this habit, keeping your nails short is the best option.

Clipping nails is very easy, all you need are a few items and you are ready to go:

  1. You must have a sharp nail cutter and filer. If your nails are hard then I will advise you to take manicure before cutting your nails. Now, what is manicure? It is just a mixture of the few compounds in the water that makes your hands’ skin shiny and healthy. Take a small bathtub and then pour two mugs warm water into it. Then add a few drops of detol and then add one spoon of vinegar with one sachet of shampoo.
  2. Now swirl this and keep your hands on it for ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. After that, your nails will become soft and you can cut the nails in the direction of your fingertips.
  4. After that, take a nail filer and then file your nails. Lastly, take a towel and dry your hands. So, now you have clean and smart hands you do not need to hesitate while handshaking with anyone.

Nails have an ultimate impact on your personality too. The bad and long nails reflect your personality incomplete and put a question mark on you. So, keep your nails in a good position, put a strong impression on the people you meet, and lastly, save yourself from diseases.

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