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Disadvantages of overgrown nails:

Disadvantages of overgrown nails, health care, men grooming tips, men fashion advice,
Disadvantages of overgrown nails.

Besides other body parts’ cleanliness, your hands and nails also want your care. Because if you have got lengthy nails, then most certainly people will consider you as a careless person. Remember, there are many things that should be considered for a better outlook, however, nails are one of those important parts, which, if not groomed properly, can never help you achieve a gentleman personality. This may be very difficult for those males and boys who are fashionable and likes doing weird fashion, but, it is important to note that nails posses a great threat to our body. They should not only be cut small, but properly to give them a good shape.

Below listed are some of the disadvantages of overgrown nails, let’s take a look.

Disadvantages of overgrown nails:

Long nails have health issues. Many boys opt to keep elongated nails just for the name of fashion; however, fashion comes after your health. What if your fashion collides with your health? What will you choose then? Remember, nothing is more precious to us than being a healthy person. Health must be first to you and then fashion.

Long nails catch the germs and dust particles easily, while, short nails are never prone to such problems. For example, let suppose you are working in the kitchen or helping your wife out on the weekend, and if you got long nails, it can become a problem for you, and can even cause some of the serious health issues due to the particals that resides in your nail. Also, it is not easy to clean the dirt in long nails, and requires extra efforts and some of the special sort tools.

In the meantime, if you have a lunch, it is sure that germs will be your first appetizer. Furthermore, if you are a player, or are a crazy fan of basketball or volleyball kind of games then surely, you will require cutting down your nails at first. Otherwise, you cannot play these outdoor games. Remember, these are the heavy balls and there is a chance of mishandling them which might cause damage to your extra long nails. Also, there are chances that you might end up hurting your friend with it while playing.

Moreover, long nails are a sign of false personality as this part belongs to the cleanliness and for a sensible and mature person it is a bad thing to have extra long nails. You must clip your nails first in order to achieve a good mannered and well-dressed character.

So have your nails short and be healthy!

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