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Does ponytail suites men? If not then what is the alternative?

Ponytail suites men?

Ponytail suites men, hairstyles for men, Hair styling tips

Ponytail suites men?

Ponytail is the easiest and simplest way to catch your long hair up. A man with long hair have less options to choose to make his hair style elegant. He can’t make spikes or any hair style that he can do with short hair. But the question is does ponytail suites men? Along ponytail, back bun and free hair looks awesome on men.

Does ponytail suites men? If not, what’s the alternative?

Every man should have hair style according to his facial features. If your hair style whether long or short is not suiting your facial feature you switch to another one. So if you are wearing long hair styles like ponytails and you think that is not suiting you then you should switch to some shorter hair style. Or if you have short hair style and that not suites you then you should let your hair grow long. Actually that’s not ponytail, not free hair not spikes not back bun that suites you or not, in fact that is your face, your style statement and your personal styling way that make your hair style suites you. So, here is my guide about ponytails for the guys who wear them and alternative guide who think their pony tail don’t suites them.

Pony tail:

Ponytail suites men, hairstyles for men, Hair styling tips

Ponytail suites men?

Pony tail varies in height and length, if you love ponytail and you think there is something wrong with your style that is not suiting on you. Then don’t hold scissor to cut your pony all long, instead try different length of pony tail and tie it on different heights and see which height and which length suites you. Like many guys with decent outlook and professional dressing when wearing low ponytail  looks awesome and elegant but if they wear top ponytail they look boyish and style spoiler. Likewise if you are going to some beach site and picnic point and you are wearing t-shirts with shorts or  t-shirt and jeans then the best way to carry pony tail is to tie it high.

Length varies person to person, some look good in long lengths and some look great in short ponytails. That depends on your hair texture, like the more silky soft and healthy hair you have the more length you can carry and if you have rough hair texture then keep them short and managed.


Ponytail suites men, hairstyles for men, Hair styling tips

Ponytail suites men?

I have recommended to best ways to make your ponytail styles look good, if still after trying all these ways you still think that you have to change your style then just go to barber and ask him to make a suitable short hair do. If your hair texture is so rough and making your pony tail bad and bushy and you want to keep it still then go for protein treatment of your hair or some extensor treatment to make them look fine and healthy.

For those guys who are always confused about their hairdo, they should go for a common hair do that looks great on every face shape, like long hair on top and short on sides, long sideburns, and spiky styles and so on. Try any one of them and see what looks is best on you. You have too many options in short hair lengths, so don’t worry if you are feeling un-comfortable with your ponytail. Ponytail is not the only solution for long hair, try free hair, bun hair style and see if they look great then you have no need to cut your hair length.

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