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The Darker Side Of Fashion, DISSATISFACTION

Darker side of fashion:

Darker side of fashion, men style guide, men fashion advice,

Darker side of fashion.

It is indeed the most desirable, important, yet the most heart breaking affair to follow. Fashion on one hand is a necessity, a need that is an essential and integral part of our lives. It helps covering a lot of flaws of the people with better looking appearance, more of confidence and a boasted mood as well. You must be wondering what flaw can a fashion cover up? Say you are fat and chubby, wear black clothes, wear more shirts with striped design or style etc. But this is not the end of it, there is a lot more that a fashion can help us hide on. The rightly selected outfit can be a blessing in disguise as it can both DEFINE YOUR DESIRABLE LOOKS and on the hand it can give you a cover up from the least desirables as well. However, story doesn’t end here, where there are unlimited benefits and privileges, there is the darker side of fashion to deal with as well.

The Darker side of fashion, DISSATISFACTION:

Darker side of fashion, men style guide, men fashion advice,

Darker side of fashion.

First of all the greatest drawback is the social dissatisfaction. One would think what things will lead to this dissatisfaction? When one is not able to get his desires fulfilled, socially he feels under pressure, morally low and followed by low self-confidence. Remember, fashion is glamour on one side whereas a deep and dark tunnel on the other hand that one who enters has no way back to return. The dark picture of fashion brings with it a never ending desire to have the best of best. It makes people over cautious and extraordinary high self-esteem. One bad angle of fashion is people start focusing on their physical looks that is something which can’t be altered. Fashion at a point creates lust among people, they look for that, that they cannot have or they may not gain. Another drawback is that one starts taking care of public’s opinion about what they LOOK GOOD in, what should they wear or what is rightly fit in for them.

Darker side of fashion, men style guide, men fashion advice,

Men fashion advice.

Another problem is the unethical ways of adopting fashion and following inn in appropriate FASHION STYLE. The marketing stunts that are being used in the recent times is also impacting very devastatingly. For e.g. children are more concerned about the latest trend of designer wear – branded shoes, bags etc where there was a time when  children’s only concerned was a new pair of school shoes. At that time, none of the parents felt bad if their children had less expensive things to carry on with them. These demands have put additional stress on people’s mind, it has shifted the peoples’ concern from more constructive things. Parents are focusing more on quality wear than the quality education.

“Nothing is more traumatic for teenagers than not having the ‘right brand’ of shoes,” says a schoolteacher in Spain.

Darker side of fashion, men style guide, men fashion advice,

Darker side of fashion.

The story does not ends here, recently a research showed that the quest for the best look, more branded possessions and styles have increased the rate of drug use, more unethical behaviors and less constructive activities etc. To add to it, it has been revealed that this fashion trend has led to more and more dissatisfaction resulting in different stress related psychological diseases.

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