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Choose Your Own Style And Dressing


Style and dressing:

Style and dressing, men style guide, Men Fashion Advice
Style and dressing.

Many men spend their whole lives in same style. They stay in same style like that old style was assigned as a life uniform to them. And many other just let themselves flow with fashion. They follow fashion as they were strictly ordered at the time of their birth not to choose anything against fashion. Personal style is very important in a style conscious men’s life. As personal style tells your personal taste of fashion. Your personal style tell others that you are not a fashion follower rather you are a fashion guru. You know you have your own and style and dressing because you make your own style and create your own dressing.

Choose your own style and dressing:

Four influencing components participate in the development of your personal style. That one by one influence you in different ways and make you an individual among thousands of fashion followers. Here is your guide about making your own style and dressing.

Important components:

  • Your physical characteristics.
  • Your physical environment.
  • Your time and financial resources.
  • Your personal fashion statement.

Now I will tell you how these components effect your style making and how can you use these components in developing your personal style and way of dressing.

  • Physical characteristics:
Style and dressing, men style guide, Men Fashion Advice
Style and dressing.

Physical characteristics contribute a lot in the development of your personal style, as this is what your God has gifted you on the time of your birth and you can’t undo the things he had made in you. Actually everyone is not born model or too perfect to look great in fashion that is going on. You have to choose what looks stylish on you.

Like if you are a short baggy man, and you want to wear that narrow jean and tight skinnies, the trust me you are just going to make blunders to your style. This is the reason why we fashion guru recommend our advice seekers to go for what suites them not to what suites that model on Runway. Look at your physical condition like height, weight, complexion and everything then decide what color, style and fabric will suites you the best. I have observed many English Celebs who have never followed whatever is going on fashion Runway, they always have chooses the best for their own style.

  • Physical environment:
Style and dressing, men style guide, Men Fashion Advice
Style and dressing.

With physical characteristics, physical environment matters much. If the fashion is NYC fashion week winter collection is too many layering, thick fabric and solid colors, that doesn’t mean the man in Asia will follow the same. Instead he would have to follow what his physical environment needs. Like a man in deserted area can’t wear too many layering even in winters. He has to follow fashion according to his needs. So make you fashion by looking at your physical environment, if you are an office goer in Australia and it’s too cold outside and you know that your office has a good heating system then use removable layering that can be removed in office simply.

  • Time and financial resources:
Style and dressing, men style guide, Men Fashion Advice
Style and dressing.

A millionaire can have too many branded two or three piece suits, but a man with limited dollars in his pocket have to keep the budget in check. So if you are a limited budget man then don’t go for too many suites with low quality. I just recommend to have one or too good quality suites and keep blending them with other stuff to generate new styles and designs. Like if you have a three piece suit, you are not required to wear the same as it is. Instead you can wear its coat with T and chinos, its trouser with button down and jacket over it, its shirts with jeans and scarf with it. Likewise you can make number of different style in single suit’s budget.

  • Personal desires:
Style and dressing, men style guide, Men Fashion Advice
Style and dressing.

The last component is your personal desire about your style. A man wearing a same suit if feels like he is wearing the same uniform daily can change things to invent new styles. Like adding lapels, cashmere scarves, pocket squares, ties, shirt colors even different colored trouser can make him look change and stylish.

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