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Specs Or Lens? It’s Your Decision


Specs or lens:

Specs or lens,  how to look good,  Men Fashion Accessories,  what to wear
Specs or lense.

It was a time when specs and lenses were the treatment accessories to improve vision. But with time and improvement in lenses and specs they become the important fashion accessories. Now even those who have absolutely correct vision wear specs and sometimes lenses for fashion.  But do you prefer specs or lens? Let’s weigh their pros and cons.

Specs or lens? It’s your decision:

Fashion is something different; no doubt the latest colorful and full of styles specs and different lenses looks great and may totally change your personality. But still there are a number of pros and cons of both accessories which are to be considered before choosing one of them. Both lenses and specs have advantages and disadvantages it’s up to you that which suit your requirements in style as well as in convenience. Just read this guide to have a quick idea:

Contact lenses:

Specs or lens,  how to look good,  Men Fashion Accessories,  what to wear
Specs or lense.
  • Pros:
  1. Contact lenses as compared to specs cause little vision distortion because contact lenses cover the whole curvature of your eye and cause less distortion.
  2. For those guys who are interested in sports should use contact lens because they don’t interfere while playing. On the other side specs do interfere while playing and running.
  3. Contact lenses as compared to specs don’t interfere and get stuck with whatever you are wearing. They give you freedom of everything.
  4. Contact lenses as compared to specs don’t disturb vision in extreme weather conditions like rain and fog. They don’t get fogged in winters and don’t need to get clean and clear in rainy weather.
  5. They are also a style accessory; you can choose any color matching your face color and dress color. They give you wide range of freedom in color selection.
  6. Some contact lenses improve your myopia during sleep and you see very clear next day without holding specs or wearing contact lenses.
  • Cons:
  1. Contact lenses are not comfortable to many people. Many guys find it difficult to wear and hold. But still with proper guide and technique you can use them in need.
  2. When you are wearing contact lenses, the amount of oxygen reaching to your eyes get reduced and this cause dry eye syndrome if used every day without giving rest to eyes.
  3. Many guys use laptops and computers whole day wearing contact lenses which cause and a severe computer vision syndrome.
  4. Contact lenses need proper cleaning and care. They need separate cases and daily cleansing and replacing. Otherwise they cause severe eye infections.


Specs or lens,  how to look good,  Men Fashion Accessories,  what to wear
Specs or lense.
  • Pros:
  1. Wearing specs reduces the chances of having an eye infection or any eye disease. Because specs don’t need any proper daily hygiene.
  2. If you have sensitive or little dry eyes then you should use specs instead of lenses because specs don’t irritate your eyes when they are dry. And don’t cause dry eye syndrome.
  3. Specs are somehow cheaper than contact lenses. And need less check and balance.
  4. Specs are stylish and are available in number of styles and colors to choose.
  5. They are protective; they protect your eyes from environmental dust and other irritating particles, even sunlight.
  • Cones:
  1. Like contact lenses specs don’t conform round your curvature causing more distortion of vision.
  2. Some people feel uncomfortable in glasses and they feel nerdy wearing them.
  3. If you have very weak eye vision, then you will have very thick and wide lenses which very nerdy and awkward so guys don’t like to look weak and nerdy with them.
  4. The frame of your eye glasses put all the time pressure on your nose which cause stain on the nose where specs exert pressure.
  5. Eye glasses can be hazardous in accidents and sudden falling conditions. They break and their lens cause severe injury to eyes.

Lenses, specs or both?

Specs or lens,  how to look good,  Men Fashion Accessories,  what to wear
Specs or lense.

With advancement of medical technology and modifications in fashion and styles, lenses and glasses have become the fashion accessory and most important stuff in daily life.

So, when to wear? What to wear?  where to wear them? contact lenses or specs is you personal choice. Just keep in mind while going for your preference that which place you are going how is the weather condition and which impression you want to put on audiences.

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