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Style With Fewer Inches – Men Shorts:


Men shorts:

Men shorts,  How to Dress up for an Event, T-Shirt
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In 18th century shorts were mostly associated with military uniform, with the arrival of 19th century shorts become common in school boy uniform and sports fashion. At that time it was considered as a boyish fashion and elders were reluctant to put on it as fashion stuff. But with the rise of 20th century like many of other fashions that were not common in last decades became very common by getting the peak place in fashion.

Like most of other fashion stuff men shorts are also very debatable because of its style advantages. Now the shorts are not just related to teenagers but equally common in elders irrespective of gender differences. Women are also taking it as their style statement in casual wears. In this article I am going to answer how the fewer inches of men shorts are too stylish for casual wear? When to wear them?, and how to wear them?

Style with fewer inches: men shorts

Why is this so stylish?

Men shorts,  How to Dress up for an Event, T-Shirt
Men shorts.

Shorts are men casual wear stuff. Why is this so stylish and is simple to answer that when you compare it with other casual stuff of men like pajamas and trousers, the only thing that looks cool is your short pant. Shorts are available in different styles and lengths at online market. Combination of shorts with colorful funky button down shirts and T-shirts looks so charming and stylish in casual outwears. So why not to add this funky stuff in your dull and boring casual wardrobe?

  • When to where?
Men shorts,  How to Dress up for an Event, T-Shirt
Men shorts.

You can wear shorts when there is a reasonable condition to wear like temperature, location or weather and you can wear them when you are free from all formal business and professional sittings.

When you are with friends and family somewhere outside on beach or some mountainous place is the best reason to drag your shorts out of wardrobe to put on. You can wear them on friend’s party, hangout to some adventurous place, hiking and full on fun times. That’s because your shorts are not just stylish but equally comfortable. The best time to wear shorts is your sleep time. To have a long, peaceful and good sleep wear your shorts with T-shirt or nothing you will definitely enjoy your dreams.

  • How to wear them:
Men shorts,  How to Dress up for an Event, T-Shirt
Men shorts.

As shorts are casual stuff but you can make it very stylish and cool by pairing it with number of stuffs. Shorts are in variety of colors and designs, there are simple plain pant shorts, baggy shorts, tight shorts, jeans shorts and pockets shorts. All these are good for specific time and event.

So how long your short should be? That must be 2-3 inches above your knee, wearing longer or shorter than this length will make you look funny. Your shorts must be enough loose to look decent, you can also wear loose and baggy shorts that look cool.

With what should you wear?

Men shorts,  How to Dress up for an Event, T-Shirt
Men shorts

You can pair with shorts are sandals for hot weather and boats or loafer with socks for cold weather. Long socks with knee length shorts are just laughable. Try to wear socks shorter that hardly reach your knees.

Shirts to pair with your shorts are button down shirts, short sleeve shirts, printed shirts, Hawaiian shirts, polo shirts and blazers. Never choose long sleeve shirts with shorts. Shorts are casual so your shirts should be casual too. So if you are going to some beach site event choose Hawaiian shirts or sleeveless T-shirts. Printed button downs also look cool at beach site.

If you want to add more charm with your shorts and you want to make these fewer inches short look more stylish than wear with blazers and short sleeved fitted T-shirt.

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