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How To Be A Mainstream Hipster – The Ultimate Tip:


Mainstream hipster:

Mainstream hipster, men fashion tips, men dressing tips, how to look good,
Mainstream hipster.

Hipsterdom is a blend of fine ingredients. You have to be a genuine person on the whole if you wish to carry out this look nicely. Being a hipster means that you have a good sense of fashion, sarcasm and eco-politics. Above all you should have all the knowledge about hipster music and organic food. Hipsters are cool if you may ask me but the definition for hipster varies and so does the point of views about the hipster society.  Journalists give reviews and statements about hipsters and most of them belong in the critic’s column but then again we all have learned never to judge a book by its cover! So, let me brief you about the characteristics of a mainstream Hipster, according to my perspective.

How to be a mainstream hipster – The Ultimate tip:

Mainstream hipster, men fashion tips, men dressing tips, how to look good,
Mainstream hipster.

For being a mainstream hipster, you should have the confidence and courage to carry independent clothing and designs and you should have all the resistance towards various brands. You need to MAKE YOUR OWN STYLE STATEMENT and not to follow any fashion statements that society has. You can however buy stuff from a vintage store and you certainly cannot buy anything from the labeled stores and avoid buying labeled gears as well. Your assessment about your dressing is your only help. Look up everything related to hipster fashion and then layer up accordingly.

Mainstream hipster, men fashion tips, men dressing tips, how to look good,
Men fashion tips.

As long as your wardrobe comes, it is a friendly suggestion to wear skinny jeans more often. Skinny jeans are defining and they would make every other item of clothing that you are wearing stand out on your body frame. The main items of your clothing should comprise of shirts, fitted tees, skinny jeans and pants, blazers or cardigans and male jeggings. The more your cloth looks like they have been snatched out of your grandfather’s wardrobe, the better it would be for your look. Let us begin from the top; you can choose to wear a buttoned down worn out shirt which is the complete opposite of bossy formal shirts. Your buttoned downs can be patterned or they can be floral. You can wear any color that you like but brighter colors are mostly associated to the hipster fashion.

Mainstream hipster, men fashion tips, men dressing tips, how to look good,
Men style guide.

If you do not like wearing the buttoned downs you can choose to wear the tees, then again your tees can support iconic logos or logos regarding band shirts such as Pink Floyd, Metallica, Van Helen, etc. Your tees can vary from plaid shirts to cowboy shirts, flannels and anything in gingham and vintage floras. In hipster fashion, the most commonly associated footwear consists of a list of cowboy shoes, combat boots, unusual sort of shoes and vintage shoes. You can add a range of flat shoes to your wardrobe to add to your versatility. As for FASHION ACCESSORIES, you can have a variety of accessories ranging from goggles, bird necklaces and hand bands, colorful and patterned pants; you can even wear black nail color. One of the most important things is piercings and tattoos. Your accessories especially your neck laces and your hand bands must be ironic too. Try to bring a variety in your style. You can even carry a hipster styled backpack for your facilitation. Hipster fashion needs a lot of thought and regular updating.

Being a Hipster is testing your creativity. Kick start and gear up your creative mind and dazzle with uniqueness.

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