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Fashion Isn’t All About Dressing; Learn To Live In A Society Too


Learn to live in a society:

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learn to live in a society too.

There is a trend that whenever a new thing is introduced in the market people run after it and want to have it at any cost. This is not a good thing. Fashion is good to follow, but to some extent, otherwise it will overwhelm you. Many youngsters think that wearing an attractive dress will make them look cool and this is all in their life. Fashion is not all about dressing.  It is not good to have this opinion in your mind that if you will dress up yourself good you will be welcomed in your society too. Society is an important part. You know that man is a social animal and he needs society to live in otherwise he cannot live alone. Hence, we preach to all of you that being a good citizen and a member of the society one needs to learn how to live in a society rather than just focusing on Fashion.

Fashion isn’t all about dressing; learn to live in a society too:

Suppose, you will have to go where there is no population, think yourself for a moment, will you be able enough to live in an area where you are alone? Exactly, the answer is a big No! Your needs are interrelated with your society, you cannot live in segregation and you will have to adjust to the society. And to live in the society you will have to learn the norms and values which are appreciated in a society. It is mandatory for you, otherwise people will cut you out from their gathering. So you must know how to live in a society in an appropriate manner.

Moreover, if you are a good person, people will love you and want your company they will give you respect and they will follow your style. They will appreciate your every step towards your life and your way to achieving the goal of your life. You will be called if there is any problem and they will pay heed to your advice. They will agree with you.

Ill manners are the source of bringing destruction to the society. So, there are some key points that you should follow to learn the best possible manners of a society:

  1. Your character, your behavior and your personality is a triangle of three things which leaves your impression on others. If you will mend these three things you are going to loved by everyone.
  2. If you have some conflicts with your friends on some topic, then leave it and initiate conversation so that he would be impressed to see your gentle behavior and let go of the past things and won’t remember the bitter memories. It is your attitude that will be appreciated.
  3. Respect is must. It is the process of give and take. If once you will pay respect to someone, you will get the same back and this will create a strong relationship bond between both of you.
  4. Never initiate on political topics because it is the sole source which can harm your relation. You know why is It so? Because everyone has different preferences. So, it is not good to hurt anyone on political grounds. No one is going to leave his side in politics.
  5. If you will demonstrate your care for others and you will give them priority, it will build your image as a good manner dude. They will learn from you and they will love to quote you as a perfect example in other gatherings.

If you will follow these points you will have a high ranking in society and you will be respected. So, fashion is not all about dressing but it is necessary to learn how to live in a society as well.

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