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If You Are Not A Fashionista – That’s Still Cool:


I am not a Fashionista:

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I am not a fashionista.

In this world of fashion, it seems that you look cool only if you are stylish or wearing some sort of dashing cloths which are up to the world’s ongoing trends. But that’s not the thing; you can look cool even if you are not a fashion king. When you are sacrificing fashion, you are choosing outfits for comfort. It’s not about making an expression or creating any impression over people like “I am classy or a fashion freak”. If you love wearing loose jeans which aren’t in the trend at the moment, you can still mark an impression by playing a bit more smart. So even if you are not a fashionista, that’s still cool.

If you are not a Fashionista, that’s still cool:

You just need to look who you are and it is definitely fine to look simple and comfortable. However, there are some quick tips where you can pick your own comfortable attire and still make it look trendy. For that you need to follow some rules:

  • Wear what makes you comfortable and fit in your style of fashion. Stick on the essential clothing, such as a pair of normal jeans, a normal basic colored shirt with a simple watch and shoes.
  • Don’t let your confidence break! Be confident on what you are wearing.
  • Don’t consider others while choosing things for your own wardrobe, they don’t have to do anything with your outfit, it’s your choice that matters.

Remember, I never consider that there are some mandatory rules to be a fashionista.

not a fashionista, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion advice,
I am not a fashionista.

Fashion keeps changing day by day, but if you are not one of the fashion freaks, don’t be, maybe you wear colors according to the fashion which won’t suit you, hence, you should wear in what you feel comfortable and confident.

Everyone is judged by their personality not their fashion. You should know probably that you are being judged by your confidence and your personality by being cool and simple, this can help you achieve a high status in the social circles too.

Instead of wasting your time on trying to adjust in outfits that you don’t like in order to make yourself feel accepted in the society, dress what you like. Believe me, you don’t have to be the fashionista all the time. Be natural to yourself.

not a fashionista, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion advice,
I am not a fashionista.

Another factor that has been added in is to believe in your personality and showing no concern about not being a fashionista. One must strive in building up self-confidence and in dressing up well and elegantly. Your reflection in the mirror will show you the actual personality of who you are and that’ll surely affect your inner thoughts. Dressing well will definitely make you presentable before others. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy an expensive and a branded outfit or try being stylish to look presentable in front of your peers. You can give a different look without squandering your money and without being too much trendy. It is a simple thing a person needs to wear something in which he feels comfortable, and find himself easy to carry. Now that you know, you can set a trend and clear out the thing that being a fasionista is not always a big thing to deal with. You can surely give a tremendous look even if you are choosing simple attires to wear and not going for the brands and stylish outfits. In fact that will be appreciated!

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