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Why Do Human Perceive Things Differently?

Human perceive things differently:

Human perceive things differently, living and lifestyle,

Humans precieve differently.

Humans have bodies that are identical in terms of their body parts. Similarly, everyone has got sense organs like; two eyes, a tongue, two ears and a brain. However, here your question is when everyone has the same brain, then why they perceive things differently? Also here I would like to say that you and your enemy’s brain is same both morphologically and functionally but the traits we inherit from our parents are different. Obviously, you know the fact that we have exactly the same hands but have you ever thought that why the fingerprints differ? The answer is that although we humans have the same figure but we are different biologically and genetically resulting each and every human perceive things differently or in a different manner.

Why do human perceive things differently?

Now come to the point of perception. What is perception? Perception is the way of distinguishing the different things simultaneously. We have stimuli that comes from our ear and our eyes and from our other sense organs and we have to interpret it; this is exactly where the problem lies. When we involve in a matter with some other party, both of us after listening to the matter will start thinking diversely. Why is this so? Because, you will think according to your personality. Everyone has a different way of thinking. Some people are optimistic, some are realistic while others are pessimistic. So you will think according to your own set of thinking pattern. That’s why someone has truly said :

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”.

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Human perceive things differently, living and lifestyle,

Living and lifestyle.

Moreover, I am going to explain it in detail for you. Suppose, you have to go somewhere now and you and your friend have multiple routes to reach the destination. The route that you will consider much better will be just fair for your friend. However, the route which he proposes might be different. Hence, this is not the matter, that which is the better way to reach the point. The matter is, your diverse thinking for the different routes approaching the same point.

Human perceive things differently, living and lifestyle,

Humans precieve differently.

Many psychologists say that; Different thinking is not bad. If all the people in this world would be the same, death of diversity of nature will occur. It is this variety that has filled our lives with different colors. You must accept nature. Suppose, if all people were the same so, you would become bored. All this is because so that you can feel the difference.

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Human perceive things differently, living and lifestyle,

Humans precieve differently.

Thinking differently does not matter, yet thinking wrongly matters much. If you will think negatively it will have worse influences on your life. For instance; there is a case in front of you and someone is asking for a fair decision or advice from you. What will you do if you will think negatively? You know that negative thinking develops the root of sadness. It discourages the hope. It shatters the confidence and optimism of a person. So never think negative. Always encourage everyone. Give respect to the others’ view as there is always another unseen side of coin. Yes, you have the same brains but you people think differently due to your inherited traits and genes that are gifted to you by your parents and that makes you unique.

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