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It’s Good To Celebrate Halloween, But…


It’s good to celebrate Halloween:

good to celebrate Halloween, men dressing tips, men style guide, events,
It’s good to celebrate Halloween.

31st October, A moment known for enthusiasm and finally, The most awaited day “Halloween” is about to come. Halloween or Al Halloween got its advent back in centuries when the Christian culture firstly evolved. A name termed as “Halloween” defines a festival, when individuals wear costumes and make-ups and act as dead to show their tributes to the martyrs and the dead-ones. However, Halloween now isn’t just bounded with such mentality and people more often than not celebrate it just for the sake of fun. Perhaps, that’s the reason why you’d find the major quantity of people being dressed within funky costumes and hairstyling and additionally a smile onto their faces.

Halloween is commemorated world-wide, even by the different civilizations who’re not a component of Christian society. Besides a festival, it’s more likely a fashion show as well. I mean, the fashions that are carried in Halloween parties are magnificent. Though, the fashion’s strange, yet it reflects the charm of its own.


There’s no wonder to the fact that you tend to get different ideas about different attires when it comes to a halloween party. When you get to admire the combinations of distinctive styling that are being put altogether to generate a new outmost feel – This is what Halloween’s about! It highlights the positive aspects of craziness and gives you a chance to experiment with new things.

Yet, the excitement through which one may strike to as Halloween arrives, could actually sightless him about many aspects. Though, he’s rejoicing the pleasure of this particular event with full interests, yet there exists few significations that should be remembered. It’s a fact, that individuals sometimes have access to Halloween, without any second thoughts.

Halloween is a sensitive event where celebrators have to come-up with the newest kinds of make-ups. Make-ups, that are peculiar yet very admirable. Make-ups, that are unusual but quite extraordinary. Therefore, to attain such a criteria they attempt no lesser. Individuals effort to capture the dense feels of make-ups- And this is where the complications are now generated!

It’s good to celebrate Halloween, but…

good to celebrate Halloween, men dressing tips, men style guide, events,
Men dressing tips.

Whilst attempting to achieve the weightiest make-ups, they probably didn’t bother to imagine their faces off the make-ups, right after the party! One needs to understand that this is not the end of the world or his life yet. There would be a life existing, after the function too. Hence, the cosmetics to which you’re looking up to must acquire the genuine qualities and even after the party is done, you must perceive to rinse off the maquillages appropriately. Because if not taken proper care, it may cause some of the server skin infections or diseases.

So check out the 5 proper steps for cleaning off the make-up:

  • Rub the skin harder:

As you put the feet back on your door step, first thing that you require to perform is to pick up a piece of cotton or tissue and commence to rub it on your face-skin. Erase the make-up through rubbing, and effort to clean the small additional particles that are present on the face-skin.

  • Rinse with cold water:

Secondly, rinse off the face with cold-water. Give your face two or three shots of cold water and remove all of the remaining makeup particles. This will make you feel refreshing.

  • Utilize the face washes:

Now, pick out a small quantity of washing material. Massage it on your face-skin, and keep massaging it unless you realize that the sticking of maquillages is being off your skin.

  • Wipe it again:

Just to make sure that if the tiny particles are vanished away or not? Wipe the skin, once again with some small clothe. This will eradicate the sticking small materials and the dirt.

  • Wash the face again:

 Lastly, wash your face another time with just few shots of cold-water! And here you are, all brand new.

One may ask that if wearing maquillages are against men’s criteria. No! Of course not, men too need to walk through the streets with accordingly how things are apparently, and the truth is “You can’t actually exist without make-ups, in this particular century”. Yet, the hurdles are when they don’t pull the make-ups off when the job is done. Hence, if in the upcoming Halloween you’re scoping to be some “Batman”, “Spiderman”, “Undertaker” or whatever. Do not care less in taking off the components of your unoriginal configurations, right after the event is done.

Additionally, you need to think a bit broadly and practically. Try thinking out of the box! About the costumes that you’re putting onto your personas. The uncommon jeans, t-shirts, chains and hairstyles etc, that you may not look-up to subsequently the Halloweens. Endeavor to utilize them later on in the common lifestyle. Often, individuals react as the clothing-line wouldn’t be in the utilization later on. Therefore, they throw the costumes off their wardrobes and don’t care to look up to it at all in the future.

Note : Sometimes the combination between funky and casual clothing-line results the most overwhelming combination.

Plus, if you think that the costumes that you have bought won’t go side-to-side with other occasional purposes then do act smartly before purchasing those outfits. Attempt to get such outfits which you think are going to work with more than one season. Scope to get the flexible outfits which might work both with Halloween and other similar and non-similar celebrations.

good to celebrate Halloween, men dressing tips, men style guide, events,
It’s good to celebrate Halloween.

I sort of got my earlier education from a Catholic School and I still remember the times when we used to be so extreme panic with the incoming of Halloween. It’s funny how every year I had to buy the most expensive costumes for it and never put them on again, throughout the year. Yet, few of the most cunnings dudes in the class were always very sharp-minded. They used to get their Halloween costumes and then apply them on for other perspectives, as well.. And I always wondered, “How do they do that?”

Turned out later on, it wasn’t such a complex task. You just have to ponder the thoughts in a bit contrastive manner.

Let me list down the topmost styling for the upcoming Halloween. Check it out;

  • T- Shirts (Containing Characters):

Look up for the T-Shirts, which are tattooed with the characters. It could be a WWE Superstar, Joker from Batman, Some dead-man character or Skull etc. The major benefit that you’d get through these shirts is, you can even practice them whilst you’re living your common lifestyle.

  • Jeans (With Designs):

Get jeans which are designed, containing different shapes or characters. This will be an appropriate piece of clothing which will work for even the Halloween and other aspects of occasions, as well.

  • Funky Colored Scarves:

Stick a funky colored scarf onto the neck and shape it up nicely. Dudes having taller necks must not ignore such a styling! I repeat.

  • Joggers:

Get some funky joggers and wear them on! I promise, You wouldn’t regret its existence over your feet.

  • Shirts (Dark Colored) – i.e. Red, Black, Blue, Purple:

Or if you’re aiming to wear some shirt, better prefer Red, Black, Blue or Purple color with it. Keep it in mind that darker colors looks cool!

What I meant to conclude throughout the article is that commemorating Halloween never reflects the infamy. Though it is good to celebrate halloween for the sake of fun, but you should keep in mind the factors that I have listed above in order to avoid potential dangers.

Happy Halloween!

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