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Fashion Phobia – The Worst Night Mare


Fashion Phobia:

Fashion Phobia - The worst night mare, men fashion advice, men styling tips,
Fashion Phobia.

The idea of fashion came into being when media was promoted. Those were the times when media persons and celebrities used to bring frequent changes in their style, appearance and choices so that they could attract better audiences. But as the time passed, the designers started working on this as a profession. And then, fashion was considered to be the item of top notch upper segment of the society. Soon, media started to expand and then there was a plethora of designers with the most attractive advertising. And so the fashion concept gradually started to get in reach of masses at large making it their needs. But there is something that’s known as Fashion phobia– read ahead to identify if you have one.

Fashion Phobia – The worst night mare:

From the time fashion was made common, there has been a never ending demand of fashion. Now a days we are so fashion conscious that it has taken on our nerves. Whether it’s a school going boy or a 40 year old man everyone is taken into this fashion phobia. And the worst part is, that we do not actually realize that how far we have gone into this mess.

When we sleep, we are possessed by this thought, when we are at work we are surrounded by these thoughts and even when we wake up in the morning we have those style thoughts in our mind. Remember, fashion is no doubt a nice activity. It gives us chance to show ourselves in the most presentable manner. It keeps our hygiene, it gives us awareness about the life trends of the world. But only to this extent fashion is pretty cool and desired but when we cross the limits it becomes a liability.

It is very saddening to know that people have lost their moral values because of fashion. The quest of looking the best has developed jealously among people, it has degraded those who can’t afford to carry those expensive designer wears and most importantly it has taken away people’s contentment.

We have taken this fashion on our nerves. A recent research revealed that this fashion myth is the cause of stress and depression among people. In this time of recession where it is hard to make both ends meet, the fashion race has created more problems. People are so much society conscious that they are ready to sleep empty stomach but they cannot stop spending on these trendy clothes. And those who are not able to run this race are often left out and rejected.

The worst thing is that even at work place the style and outlook is preferred over education and competency. No matter how educated you are, how experienced you may be if you are not presentable and trendy then you don’t stand a chance for a good job. Disgusting! Isn’t it?

You see this is our fault that we are this much burdened. You and I make the society. What if you prefer looks over designer clothes? What if you prefer knowledge over style for a job and what if we stand out against this fashion phobia?

I am not at all against the fashion idea, but my point is keeping everything in its place. The marketing stunts, the media and these designers are all making their own profits without giving a damn to what repercussions it is putting on general public.

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