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What Is More Important Fashion Or Style?

Fashion or style?

Fashion or style,  Men Fashion Advice,  men style guide

Fashion or style.

This is the era when everyone is busy in outshining others with their education, brilliance, skills, fashion, intelligence and what not. The idea is to become such a perfectionist that everyone is awe struck by your personality and believe it or not if you are successful in doing this then the world will be at your feet. Firstly fashion is about what you can carry with comfort. But it has been noticed that people simply think it is forbidden to go against the fashion even if they are least comfortable in their pants. They strictly continue to adhere to what the fashion gurus tell and do. While style is about carrying whatever you are wearing with all the style. Usually people who have a style of their own are creative and passionate about fashion. These people have a knack of styling themselves best even when they do not have exquisite clothes. Style is what can add charm and your take in any kind of fashion. It shows that you have followed a fashion after completely understanding it. You are not just blindly following the fashion gurus, you know what will suit you and therefore you have added or subtracted something in your fashion. There is a constant tussle going between fashion or style.

What is more important fashion or style?

Fashion or style,  Men Fashion Advice,  men style guide

Fashion or style.

 I would say that fashion and style go hand in hand because if you are wearing the cheapest clothe according to the seasonal fashion and carry it with style and full confidence then you can be counted amongst people  of taste. And even if you are wearing the most expensive suit that you can find but do not know how to carry it with style then you will be counted as a dumb person in the books of fashion gurus. Your fashion is your perception that you want to create for the society. Hence in order to follow fashion properly you need to have some know how about fashion and then you should think about whether you can carry it or not. For instance you might have seen models wearing strange piece of clothes on the ramp which often leads you wondering who actually purchases these clothes. So you should not follow things blindly instead think about improvising your ideas to the latest trend. Once you will make a habit of doing it you will know how important and at the same time enjoyable is this entire thing.

Fashion or style,  Men Fashion Advice,  men style guide

Fashion or style.

Our clothes are symbolic and we tend to send across message about our status and identity through our clothes. Our attires have an immense effect on other people and therefore wearing clothes with style is necessary. There are many men who even today while living in the age of fashion tend to remain aloof of all the trends and stay rough ignoring the fact that today’s image of man is soft and smart. Besides if you are not handsome enough then fashion can conceal this fact of yours and will present you as a far better and handsome dude than you actually are. Therefore fashion is not just an option in fact it is the most necessary thing. But along with fashion you should have some style of your own to depict your creativity and to leave your own signature in your attire. So keep yourself fashionable with some style of your own since only you know what will look best on you.

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