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Fashion Is Temporary, Style Is Permanent

Fashion is temporary:

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent.

Fashion fades, but the style is eternal- Yves saint Laurent.

Just as the above saying goes, it is without any doubt that fashion and style go hand in hand. Not ignoring the fact that a few men come up with new FASHION TRENDS AND IDEAS whereas styles comes from within every single individual. The war of style, trends and fashion is going on around since the time when man started to explore on earth. In the older times fashion was supposed to be the only focus of attention for the followers. But in the recent times people have started focusing more on their comfort and convenience rather than following the fashion blindly. Fashion tycoons have often been approached to ask if fashion is sufficient to look good, to carry dress easily and confidently or if it’s only the fashion that really is needed to look perfect. The concept of customized designs comes from this very point where people have now started to merge their own styles with in the fashion. The relation of fashion and style is just the same as SPRING and winter or summer and autumn. Fashion is simply not complete without style and same goes with the style as well. Recently there is a debate going on in the industry whether style or the fashion is ever green. The answer is well summarized in the above mentioned saying. There can be a few fashion trends to be followed at some particular time but at the same time there must be a vast number of styles adopted by every person. Remember, fashion is temporary always;
however your PERSONALIZED STYLE is permanent.

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent:

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent.

Have you ever wondered why we follow the same fashion trends after every few years?  Yes! The answer lies within the fact that there is a little that we can do to play with our fashion trends. It’s all about the style that matters. Style is the only thing that makes you look classy. Nowadays it’s not about just looking good or adopting the recent fashion; it’s about ‘standing out’. The debate does not end here; the times have now proven that one has to be fashionable in his own way. Here the focus is made more on ‘One’s self’. Imagine someone wearing a hot yellow t-shirt on a hot summer noon. No matter that yellow is the color of the season, but wearing it on a hot summer day is not a wise choice for that guy. To add to it one should keep it in their minds that one single fashion style worn by 3 people will not make all of them look good. It may suit one but may not suit the other guy. Imagine a trend of wearing sports short, will it look perfect to each and every person of that particular locality, obviously not! So in short one must learn before blindly following that it is the style of that matter, which makes you look above the average. A style comes from within somebody’s self and it goes on with someone no matter how fashion trends change, come and go. So dears, stay confident in your OWN STYLE WITH FASHION at hand….  Cheerio!

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