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Fashion Is Everybody’s Business – MENFASH

Fashion is everybody’s business:

Fashion is everybody’s business, men fashion advice, men style guide,

Fashion is everybody’s business.

I have noticed many designers and so called “fashionistas” showing their narrow mind by saying that fashion is not everybody’s business. They actually want to show that fashion is just their business. Funny! According to me and many more fashion lovers, fashion is a game that everybody can play. So yes, remember, fashion is everybody’s business or we can say it is a business that everybody can do. There is no need to shy around and create your own fashion.

Fashion is everybody’s business – MENFASH:

“Fashion is for all”

Fashion is everybody’s business, men fashion advice, men style guide,

Fashion is everybody’s business.

‘’Fashion is everybody’s business” is a statement revealing the truth that everybody can do, make and create his fashion if he has talent and confidence. Fashion designers are not super natural creatures who make and create fashion and you follow them blindly like a fool and the fashion they create doesn’t mean that everything they create will suite you. If this is so, then I question why these designers don’t wear the uncommon and un-stylish pieces they create that they call stylish and trendy updated fashion?

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Actually we have made a concept that fashion is not for us. Fashion is for those who have creative mind and excess of dollars. That’s why we are dependent on fashion designers. Everyone can make and create fashion by blending the stuff they have in their closet. Simple!

“Change your status from following to being followed”

Fashion is everybody’s business, men fashion advice, men style guide,

Men style guide.

Stop following, stop adopting other’s concepts of fashion, stop going on the footsteps of your role models or source of inspiration. Why don’t you think that the people you are following can follow your style? You have equally handsome physique, you have enough creative mind and you have enough sources to make yourself a source of inspiration. Let’s do an experiment just right now. Open your closet, wow, there is too much stuff to make too many combinations. Now take one and match it with something different, wear it, see yourself in mirror. Now what? Feeling confused? That’s the problem I wanted to spot out. Sadly, You lack the confidence which is the key to make everything look trendy at you.

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Make fashion your business, not a business of sale and purchase, that means make it easy for yourself. When you wear something of your choice just make your mind ready that you look great! Everybody has different fashion ideas, so be yourself, fashion is for you!

“Elegance comes from your mind”

Fashion is everybody’s business, men fashion advice, men style guide,

Men fashion advice.

Elegance is not something that comes with time, education and money but it is present in everyone’s mind that comes out on your appearance when you acquire confidence to allow it. If you are wearing a million dollar dress and comparing yourself with someone wearing a few dollar dress, you are disgracing your style, your ideas and trust me you are no more looking elegant to anyone in your gathering and ultimately not even to yourself. So your confidence matters a lot when it comes to make your own fashion. No matter what you are wearing an underwear on a beach or a very stylish white dress suite, you are looking gorgeous even in underwear if you are carrying it with confidence. If you are carrying your expensive dress suit in doubt then nobody can stop you from looking like a fool.

Do fashion with the mindset that you are a fashion creator and not a fashion follower and be an inspiration for fashion peers.

Fashion suites with elegance and elegance comes with confidence and confidence is very essential to make fashion your business. Fashion is easy to make, gorgeous to carry and best way to impress and inspire the people around you.

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