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Fashion Complications – Fashion Is All Greek To Me

Fashion complications:

Fashion complications, Men Fashion, Men Fashion Advice

Fashion complications.

As the word fashion comes in my mind, different theories emerge with it. When I take my parents view about fashion, their reply is with zero passion. When I go in bit depth and ask them again that why do they hate the trends which modern fashion provides? Their reply is a lot similar to this kind of statement “Fashion provides complications”. They can never love the modern trends which the fashion industry is providing to the young generation. No matter what, they will always love the concepts of their own age. Their theories are always in favor of the old-school trends which they used to be a part of in their own teenage age. Their instructions to their kids are always like “Comb your hair”, “Don’t make spikes”, “and Put your jeans up”. Unfortunately, they can never love the styles that their young boys love. There are several fashion complications and yes it is indeed all Greek to me.

Fashion complications – fashion is all greek to me:

Fashion complications, Men Fashion, Men Fashion Advice

Fashion complications.

To understand the meaning of doing fashion requires a piece of mind and understandings. You can’t just start following trends without understanding the correct meaning of that trend to which you’re up to. This is what’s happening frequently that our parents don’t understand the fact that fashion changes, it goes from one medium to another, that’s the beauty of it. So when one special trend turns into another unique trend, which might not be too attractive, our parents couldn’t stand to it. They get confused that why a suitable, comfortable and good-looking trend is turning into something that’s unique, different and a bit complicated for wearing. This is where the problem occurs that we start passing our comments brainlessly, why don’t people get it that fashion industry has already gotten their professionals who guide it to what to sell to the selling markets. These professionals have got degrees, certificates and education in the field of fashion and they themselves know about what they’re doing. They know about the fact that if fashion wouldn’t change then people would get bored by it, no matter how beautiful and unique it’d be. So they try to transfer brand new ideas to the fashion industry about what should they be developing in order to keep the interest of the people on the lines.

Fashion complications, Men Fashion, Men Fashion Advice

Fashion complications.

We need to understand the fact that fashion industry always creates trends for reasons. If skinny jeans are a part of today’s glamour, it also has its own charm. I still remember the time when this trend came into being and I used to be a total hater of it. I used to criticize this fashion open heartedly but as the time started to pass, I certainly started to get attracted by it. When I started to see teenage boys wearing black skinny jeans over a white full-sleeves T-Shirt, the contrast of it, actually blew my mind off with pleasure and I became a part of wearing it. This is the beauty of fashion that if you start to think about it logically, you will never become disappointed. Everything that’s there in the selling markets is there for a logical reason; you just need to think a bit positively for it. P.S: The logic is not beyond the common sense of ours!

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