Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Fall Winter Fashion Trends

Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Today we will talk on Fall Winter Fashion Trends.

The fall season is almost here and winter is just coming up. So we have collected all about fall/winter men fashion trends to guide you to look your best this season.

This year designers have offered so many fashionable styles of clothing for men. They have used rich colors, blend classic and contemporary styles, many new textures and continuing fabrics.

It will give you good ideas to look stylish and classic. All the fashion trends for the new season are interesting and innovative. These fashion trends will diversify your style for sure.

Here are the hottest and latest fall winter fashion trends for men this season:

Fabrics for – Fall Winter Fashion Trends:

1- Fur:

  • Fur is on hot fashoin this year in both in women’s and men’s collections.
  • Different variations of fur coats and jackets are available.
  • The most common furs are ermine, mink, fox, and cowhide fur.
  • Fur comes in all basic shades.
  • You can also get one in catchy colors.
  • They are available in different combinations with various materials.
  • If you think fur coats are over for you, try fur vests or shirts with fur collars.

2- Leather:

  • Leather is all time favorite of the fall-winter season.
  • It is the timeless material.
  • It always looks stylish, refined and fashionable.
  • So get advantage from this trend and wear a double-breasted leather jacket.
  • You can get one double-breasted jacket in crocodile skin.
  • You can also try a coat of ostrich leather.

3- Velvet:

  • Velvet is a fabric of continuing trend.
  • It looks luxurious. It is best for winter season.
  • You can combination of velvet with other fabrics such as fur, leather, cashmere, calfskin etc.
  • Black colored velvet jackets with some leather or fur collar also will give you a stylish look.
  • Also you can try other colors of velvet which suits your persona.
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Colors for – Fall Winter Fashion Trends:

1- Bright Colors:

  • A big fashion trend this fall is casual style and comfy clothes in bright hues.
  • So try bright colors and prints this season
  • Like women, men also can have the fun of colors.
  • They can lots of bright hues such as red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, maroon, purple etc.
  • For prints, try stripe and classic cell.
  • Get a shirt decor with catchphrases or ironic logos of renowned iconic marks.

2- Shades of Gray:

  • Other then bright colors you can also try gray color and also its variations.
  • ·         Gray color is one of the focal trends for fall/winter.
  • ·         Try it for a casual look or a business suit as well.
  • Gray is a classic color. Wore grey with black to give a more modish look.
  • You can also try grey with white and with other bolder colors.

3- Neutral Tones and Bold Hues:

  • Neutral tones are in trend this season.
  • Also many designers have used neutral tones in their fall/winter collections.
  • They have used them with pops of bolder colors to keep it appealing.
  • Try out clothes such as in:
  1. Light brown hues.
  2. Light gray tones.
  3. Pure white.
  • Also accessorize your neutral suit with a scarf of bold red or teal color.
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Styles for – Fall Winter Fashion Trends:

1- Military Style:

  • Get yourself military style coats and jackets.
  • Also the military style accessories have been in the trend which is continuing since last year.
  • You can easily get a very stylish military outerwear and jackets.
  • It is actually 70’s style with various modifications.
  • Designers have combine different styles in military fashion.
  • Try outerwear with shades of earth tones and khaki which is heavily influenced by military fashion.

2- Suits Style:

  • The strict and classical design three-piece suits are in fashion again.
  • It features:
  1. Single and double-breasted jackets.
  2. Pleated trousers.
  3. Bold pocket square.
  • Suits featured in leather with outward pockets.
  • They will look fresh and fashionable in the new season.
  • Also many interesting and stylish combinations are introduced such as the free and ample manner of pants.
  • Usual narrow pants will also look fashionable.

3- Knitwear Styles:

  • Chunky knit sweaters are fashion latest for this winter season.
  • Try knits in bold colors as well as the sweaters and pullovers.
  • Also these with Nordic motifs are big this season.
  • They will keep you warm and yet bright.
  • Turtlenecks in bright and neutral colors are also in trend this season.
  • Choose a sweater with a nice pattern and bright/dark color that complements your image most.

5- Loose-Fitting Clothe Styles:

  • You can also go for some loose-tailored clothes.
  • It is also a big trend for fall-winter.
  • Try a loose-fitting trousers, oversize loose coats or jackets.

6- Classic Style:

  • One of the leading trends for men this season is the everlasting classic style.
  • It looks so refined and elegant.
  • Try some elegant suits or collarless jackets with detachable collars and narrow pants which are tight to the figure.
  • Try a classic coat with pants and a fashionable jacket beneath it.
  • Choose classic, mild colors.
  • Designers have also combined classic style with some sporty type of element such as:
  1. High lace-up sneakers.
  2. Pullovers.
  3. And stylish sweatshirts.

7- Vest style:

  • Another main trend of coming season is the vest with various modifications.
  • Vests in various lengths, fittings and styles will be available.
  • Men will find them appealing.
  • You can wear vest on top of shirts and pullovers.
  • Also you can wear on the outer clothing as coats.
  • Classic style hats.
  • Tight leather suspenders.
  • Woolen and cotton scarves winded round the neck.
  • Silk ties.
  • Stylish leather belts and gloves.
  • Traveling bags etc.
  • Choose accessories that complement your persona and outfits.
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men
Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013 for Men

Accessories and styles for – Fall Winter Fashion Trends:

So pick up the trend that describes your taste, personality and lifestyle. Fall winter fashion trends are there to make you look trendy and stylish.

Hope you have enjoyed our guide “fall winter fashion trends”.

Kindly rate and comment how this guide “fall winter fashion trends” was? And what are your suggestions about this guide “fall winter fashion trends”. Your comments are the only thing we want in exchange for this effort.

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