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Envision The Creative Me: My Prospective Of Fashion


Envision the creative me:

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Envision the creative me.

Fashion freak I am not but I am surely a style admirer. So today I am going write about what things catch my eye, nose *smelling good is important, very important* and heart.

Girls don’t ogle over guys in a very evident way but girls do it as if they are doing it with their third eye. If you have been thinking of us not paying attention to what are you wearing or the way you are looking, you are totally wrong. We even notice the itsy bitsy details you never care to take care of. We inspect you from head to toe. Every girl has her own fashion turn ons. Some like guys in classy suits and some prefer them in rugged pair of jeans and sexy leather jackets.

Envision the creative me – My prospective of fashion:

As like just other women of 21st century, I also believe, anything worn with confidence is attractive, one should know how to carry oneself with whatever they are wearing. So confidence is the key for you to appeal a girl. Now next up is another very important factor which is dressing up right for the right occasion. You should not end up as the next happening clown of the town. Keep the event clear in your head and then pick up your whole attire. Imagine if you go to an interview in your pajamas, how interesting this situation would be? You would not end up getting a job. Or even funnier it would be if you go to a date in a superman costume of last Halloween. That would be such a disaster.

In my view guys shouldn’t even follow trends just because they are in, it makes them not any kinda fashionista but simply stupid. By wearing a polka dots pant you are only going to pull off a cartoonish look nothing else.

You have got some cheesy stuff written on you tshirt? ugh, a big NO. Try something smart or a famous literary quote and if not that then go for a TV series tagline. Plus no grammatical mistake in the text because that makes a girl with brains want to puke. I personally love intelligent dressings so cool shirts for me are hot.

If you smell manly, that surely clicks many buttons in a female’s brain – My advice to guys out there is you should surely spend some cash on a classic perfume. You might get some admirers who sniff whenever you pass. Okay okay I confess I do it myself like a lot.

Spectacles- Go with what you can pull off. Seriously, look in the mirror and ask few friends if it suits you. Glasses do effect how your face looks so be a bit careful. Girls like classy glasses and funky specs too if they go with the rest of your attire, for me funky clicks more.

Shoes, many women check out your feet. It tells so much about your personality. Every girl has a different taste; a funky sandal might for some and for some leather boots.

On very serious note I won’t mind a guy in house slippers if he has a carefree spirit and a hipster look.

Wrist watches, with formal go for metal watches and for casual events strappy ones are suitable. A watch adds to the charm of your personality, adorn a good one.

Shirts, finely pressed shows elegance but if someone totally likes you then creased one is sexy too. But then should suit your general personality.

Hats and hand bands, if they go with your look go for them. They look cool but be careful that the hand bands are not girly ones.

Bearded look, I think so it compliments every guy on planet earth. It adds maturity, hotness and if it is finely kept you will be considered a hunky guy even if you are skinny. So YES, I guess so I pretty much covered the major fashion trends from my view point but one thing I am jealous that how easy is for you guys to dress up. I literally hate how complicated girl dressing is, so much variety and it takes a lot of brains to come up with a perfect display picture look. So guys I hope you cherish what bliss you have and enjoy reading a not so orthodox overview of fashion.

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