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Dress Like Bravo, Act Like Dexter:


Dress like bravo:

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Dress like bravo, act like Dexter.

It seems like you always need an attitude when get dressed, what you wear is simply shows your attitude and affect your personality, why not dressed like bravo with an attitude and behave intelligent like Dexter. Dress trendy and choose the things that enhance your personality and make you an eye catcher to your surroundings. It is more about attitude that how you keep the things together and bring it on work. So dress up like bravo and act like a Dexter by following the tips below!

Dress like bravo, act like Dexter:

Brands and getting well-dressed always keeps a man on the top in the fashion dominated society. Chose to wear blue as blue is always attracted by the people on men! It gives a great charm to one’s personality and can make you look wiser and eye catching man also a different among others.

Some tips of being in a graceful attitude and intelligent behavior:

  1. Go for a fresh shirt and tie that goes with your shirt while wearing a full suit in an occasion. A V-neck sweater can also go good with an undershirt with a collar, like a white color under shirt with a brown color v neck hoodie is surely a tremendous look way to go for a men.
  2. Don’t be ever troubled to blow up your attire with a little something classy whether it is a branded watch, a pair of sunglasses that will enhance your attitude and confidence.
  3. Chose your jeans according to your waist and don’t forget to put a belt over it that really boost up your confidence and gives you an attitude it has a flattering style in it.
  4. Always take care of your grooming, your eyebrows should be in a line moisturize them , trim where it is needed and if you are growing beard keep it in a line, shave the necklines you have, will keep you in a confidence.
  5. Keep your hair in a style , keep giving it a hairstyle just like bravo , keep them in a haircut pay for that, you can get a stylish and decent look by that which discriminate you from others.
  6. Spend money on your outfits, chose jeans that fitted you nicely, dress shirt, and coats that matches your face color.
  7. Smell nice, that really plays an important role in a man’s life. Everyone seeks a good scent in men, once it is found you’ll become the center of attraction (especially for the girls). And boys would want to know why you are different among others containing a great attitude towards them.
  8. Be a little muscular, that’ll give a great look to your body and took out a great personality and physique in men.
  9. Be gentle while speaking with people, walk in a decent manner that’ll show your intelligence and behavior among all, it is about a style and a look and an attitude that a men brings with his behavior by grooming of one itself.
  10. Get scrubbed yourself in a manner that you look fresh and dust particles get away from the skin and your face  shines brighter and can attract the people better , before going in any occasion it ‘ll help you to walk in confidence and keeping a man in a great attitude and make people run behind them.

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