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I Am A Deep Sleeper, Help Me Out


Deep sleeper:

Deep sleeper, care beauty tips, skin care
Deep sleeper.

Sleeping is a natural phenomena. It is encountered by everyone. The natural hours of sleeping told by the doctors are 6 to 8 hours. While a nap is necessary for playing an active role in your daily life, but many people complain that they they aren’t able to get up once they go to bed. Are you also among the ones? If YES, let’s shed some light on the issue of being a Deep sleeper.

I am a deep sleeper, help me out:

  • Sleep disorders:
Deep sleeper, care beauty tips, skin care
Deep sleeper.

Individuals who suffer from sleep disorders are the ones who usually complain this issue.

There are many factors involved in the deep sleeping. Teenagers who normally enjoy clubs, cinemas, and night parties sleep at late hours in their adulthood, are the targeted people who usually suffer from these sort of disorders. Hypersomnia is the proper name of it, if I can recall properly.

Hypersomnia patients cannot get up early. They feel laziness while waking up and feel tired. These patients face difficulty in falling asleep and due to late hours sleep they are not able to get up on time.

  • Way Out:
Deep sleeper, care beauty tips, skin care
Deep sleeper.

Deep sleeping affects your health. However, you can do some measures to eliminate this hypersomnia. It is NOT something that can’t be sorted out. Follow the below mentioned steps, and remain healthy.

  1. The recommended duration to sleep at night is 6 to 8 hours. Try to sum up your work before 12 a.m. and then set your alarm to 7.30 if you are an office guy, and if not, 9 am is the best time to wake up.
  2. Find a good reason to get up early. This will create the atmosphere of obligation.
  3. Remember three things after waking up early; have a shower, do exercise, and take a healthy breakfast.
  4. The shower will help you get rid of laziness and tiredness, if any.
  5. Exercise will help you in stretching your arms and legs which will make you feel a bit more relaxed. It is recommended to exercise outdoor rather than at home.
  6. Finally, healthy breakfast is a key to remain fit. Irrespective of diseases, everyone must have breakfast; it keeps you active for the whole day.
  7. When you get up early, one thing is sure that you will not be able to work continuously. So you should take a break and after lunch. Taking a nap is also a good option. It will energize you for the evening and for the remaining part of your day.
  8. Manage your time and go for outing. A same routine may make you fed up, and disturb your mental health.

Conclusively, these are some tips and you may find helpful. This not an acute disease, so you do not have to worry. You can recover from it but gradually. There is no overnight solution.

Further, I will personally suggest you to pay a visit to your doctor, if nothing works. He will definitely prescribe you some medicine so that you may recover soon.

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