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A Clean House Shows A Clean Personality:


Clean personality:

Clean personality, how to look good, men style guide
Clean house shows a clean personality.

When you visit someone’s house, you consciously or un-consciously start making assumptions about the house owner’s personality. A clean house shows a clean personality. We consider certain things like whether the home is well or ill furnished, whether the home is clean or messy, whether it is organized. All these things are very important in judging one’s personality. You can easily judge what’s behind someone’s demeanor from observing the cleanliness and management of their house. Primarily, it’s the bedroom that forms the base of those judgments because it is the property of a single person, where he lives, sleeps, studies and spends most of his time. Secondly, the bathroom is another place for daily use which is often in control of solely an individual. You can observe whether the bathroom is clean, dry, and well fragranted.

A clean house shows a clean personality:

  • What a messy home says:
Clean personality, how to look good, men style guide
Clean house shows a clean personality

A messy home never welcomes its guests, rather it says a lot to the new comers about his owner’s unorganized state. Unclean, messy and mismanaged home that you left in the morning shows the lack of punctuality in you. When we see an untidy house, we can easily conclude that the owner is not only lazy to clean up, but he also doesn’t bother about his own cleanliness. Because when a person can’t keep his surroundings clean, how can we expect him to keep himself clean? If you are in a branded suite, wearing precious stuff, holding the keys of a luxurious car, heading for work, suddenly your relatives, neigbours or anyone who you might not be on such close terms with, breaks into your house. Your whole image goes to waste when they see your unorganized house. Because the walls of your house are silently screaming that they go unattended for days!

  • What a clean house says:
Clean personality, how to look good, men style guide
Clean house shows a clean personality.

A clean house is a place that welcomes you; gives you a place to relax. A well-furnished, clean house offers to hang your coat for you after a long day at work.  Clean house feels like a blessing the moment you step into it. Clean house doesn’t imply heavily decorated rooms, colorful walls, and a house full of luxuries. Instead, it refers to a house that embraces you in its comfortable carpeted floors; somewhere you impatiently to lie on. Clean house with its clean kitchen, lounge, bedroom and washroom says far too much about the fine personality of the owner. A house is the best place to check how much a person is keen about his health and cleanliness.

Being stylish is not enough because it can never complete the definition of sophistication alone. A stylish house with clean corners confirms a fine personality.

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