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Being Fashionable Is More Important After Marriage

Being fashionable:

Being fashionable, fashion advice,men fashion outfit

being fashionable


Guys grow up in a way that it seems, there’s no bigger fashion follower than them. Apply almost all the fashion codes upon themselves, and amaze the apparent environment by radiating the best of aura. Perhaps, I don’t know if it’s the game of passing time that their interests gradually start moving towards the decrement and we see them, as no longer a fan of fashion. Their passion towards fashion, gradually changes, with the passage of time. Frequently, it’s the story of men who nearly reach their marriage days. Right after crossing 30’s, they’re no longer staying fashionable. Maybe, because of the fact that the responsibilities are too much and they don’t seem to handle the other aspects of life, with it. But then the question occurs, that when they were in their teenage. How were they so passionate about fashion in that particular time? I mean how did they get along with fashion, with all the burden of studies and other works? Later on, when they might have gone through their university period, still must had been the most frequent doer of fashion? So where did that specific passion come from? What I’m trying to convey is, the fact that it’s never about responsibilities or a busy schedule. The responsibilities of then, and the apparent period seems to be equivalent. Accordingly with my point of view, I think that the decrement of their interest on fashion, is majorly because of the fact that they, themselves don’t want to be a part of it, anymore. Probably because of the fact that, they have become bored by it or this particular misconception of most that there’s no need of doing fashion after marriage, is leading them towards the failure of all the moral values.

Being fashionable is more important after marriage:

Being fashionable, fashion advice,men fashion outfit

being fashionable

Most might not accept this undeniable fact that, being fashionable becomes more important for one, after the marriage. But the truth can’t possibly be hidden, no matter how badly you neglect its logics. Judge it yourself, you after being married, having kids and a sweet family. Wouldn’t you look for a job? And what possibly will inspire the interviewer enough that he ends up on giving you that one particular job, of which you might have been looking for? Your extraordinary conditions, most probably. The attitude and those mighty attires, in which you might have been dressed up, will surely be the first impression on him/her. You see, fashion basically enhances your conditions and takes it to the whole new extent of betterment. It is a medium, which makes your personality better in all the possible aspects. And, your amazing personality is sort of connected with all the major things of life.

Being fashionable, fashion advice,men fashion outfit

being fashionable

Unfortunately, all the major aspects of life get rise, as you walk beyond your marriage days. Things start to change and be as quite serious. You need to be more sensible and mature about, what to wear for what occasion. Besides, which lady wouldn’t want her husband to be the most handsome man, around?  She had been waiting all her life, for a prince to take her away. Be that prince for her, let her be proud of your amazing personality and show the world that she’s blessed with the most attractive looking husband of the world and, eternity.

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