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Keep Calm And Be Fashionable:


Be fashionable:

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Be Fashionable.

Fashion’s definition is not confined to one’s wardrobe only. You bring fashion and trend into a lot of things, you can wear trendy hairstyles, you can get trendy and latest accessories and you can bring fashion and trend into watches, perfumes, studs, ties etc. You can make your own fashion statement with the things that you like and are comfortable wearing, excluding all the things that do not make any sense to you. See the thing is that Fashion gives a sense of comfort and confidence and in today’s world both of these things are very important as they are a major contributor in your success. Be fashionable because the more confident and comfortable you are, the more in control of the situation you would be.

Keep Calm and be fashionable:

Fashion inspires our ideas, thoughts and surroundings, the way we live, how we think, what is happening around us. You can find trendy outfits, ostentatious clothing, remarkable variety of designs, effortless and accessible clothing and add them to your wardrobe to make your own statement, fashion is not about copying others, it’s about wearing what suits you and makes you comfortable. Fashion is basically a person’s very own ‘Style Statement’. No doubt fashion relates to dressing according to what is the trend, but you can transform it into Style; that is more about being ‘You’.

I personally think that if you bring variation in your dressing and style it makes you susceptible to change, it represents that you are concerned about what people perceive about you, you want to leave a positive impression on others and you know that what others think about you is going to make a difference as to how they will approach you. The good thing is, bringing variation in your style is not even a difficult task anymore either, there is a lot of stuff to choose from. All you have to do is not stick to just one kind of style and keep trying different ways too, so that you may bring variation in your style. That’s going to help groom you up too. You would know more about yourself as to what suits you and what doesn’t, what looks good on you and what makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s not like you have to prove anyone that you are capable of dealing with change in your life, not changing the way you are used to living does not make you a wrong or bad person, it shows that you are confident with how you look and you do not wish to mislead others into thinking something about you that you actually are not. This shows that you are a truthful person and you reflect who you actually are. However, if you do bring a change in your life style, it would only be beneficial for you and it would only help you.

You can choose your dresses according to your mood and personality, on a particular day or any day, respectively. You can wear matching under shirts with your upper, or you can wear belts that match your shoes, keep yourself clean and presentable, get a nice haircut every now and then, wear cuffs with formal dresses and do not opt a messy look over a decent one. These are some keys as to how you can alter between your looks. Rest assures, you can choose what pleases you.

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