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Different Age Different Fashion – Age And Fashion


Age and fashion:

Age and fashion, men style guide, men dressing tips, Men Fashion Advice
Age and fashion.

Well this is a very general topic to discuss about. You don’t really need to think about it with a master mind in order to get the logic lying behind it. As to understand this fact that different fashion occurs with different ages, this relation of age and fashion is not too complicated. One’s mentality changes as his age changes. It’s like a procedure of entering from one medium to another. We can’t blame human nature for having such behavior as it’s just the world where we live in. You can’t just simply stick onto one specified condition. For such purposes, fashion industry sends different trends for different ages groups of boys and men.

Different Age Different Fashion – Age and fashion:

Teenagers and fashion:

Age and fashion, men style guide, men dressing tips, Men Fashion Advice
Age and fashion.

When a boy is in his teenage, his sense of following trends is quite typical. He tries to brand-new himself on every passing event. He can’t stick to one particular fashion. His logic for adopting fashion is a bit complex and can’t be understood by an older person. For instance, when he is going to a party, he makes a spiky hairstyle. As he reaches there, he watches different guys in different variety of hairstyles. Next, he gets so inspired by few of them that later he tries to give himself the same sort of outlook which he just saw at the last night’s party. He gets inspired too easily and keeps on converting his outlooks. Similarly, their dress-ups are changed too fast as well. They’re too conscious about the useless facts that are not even putting any negative impact on their outlook. Thus, most experts, state in their books and interviews that males in their teenage ages are found to be more interested in doing fashion as compared to their other ages. They like being in jeans, casual singlet shirts, three quarter, half sleeves t shirts shorts and e.t.c. Their closets are found to be filled up with different varieties of wear-ups which they love wearing on different events.

Fashion for Middle age men:

Age and fashion, men style guide, men dressing tips, Men Fashion Advice
Age and fashion.

As a guy starts to grow up and reaches to the age of responsibilities, he gets married. They starts having kids and his responsibilities are increased with every passing day. Thus, we see his passion for wearing different kinds of new outfits is being contracted. His interest decreases and he ends up having a very limited collection of dresses in his closets. He couldn’t stand towards the same hairstyles that he used to be a part of, once. He starts to stay sober and easy. He is no longer wearing singlet shirts or half-sleeves. Now, we’d see him mostly in “checked shirts”, “full sleeves shirts” or in “formal trousers”. Even his hairstyles change into a different one, he tries to keep it short and sober.
Fashion logics grow as a man goes from one era to another. His mentality changes and he tries to adopt new kind of lifestyle. Maturity strikes him and he is no longer a part of colorful designs. Thus, fashion industry tries to transfer different kinds of trends for different ages of men. They understand the fact that it’s going to be adopted by different aged people, having different criteria of wearing clothes. We must appreciate the industry for thinking about the needs of their nation’s people, so that they could carry on their outstanding work with their reliable experts.

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