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New Year New Me – The Same Old Lie

New Year New Me:

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New Year New Me.

31st December 2015 7:04 PM. few hours left before the countdown to 2016. The fancy name of tonight is New Year’s Eve, It is the time of the year when everyone is thinking about the New Year new me thing. Well I have an issue with the whole idea of it. Why you think that the new you will be better than the old you? Are you some sort of operating system that the new version will be better than the old one? Believe me nowadays even operating system are getting worthless every time they get update. Than why the hell do you want to change?

New Year New Me – The same old lie:

Mostly people cannot even follow their New Year’s resolution more than two days after the New Year, but they always are extremely excited about the idea of making it every year. Okay if you are like starting to think about your looks or you are getting fatter day by day and you need to work on it. Its fine but why picking New Years for this?

If you are planning to get a gym admission, why on the 1st January? If you really truly are desperate then you can take your admission after 5th January. Trust me, by then you’ll have to search for the resolution list in your garbage or inside your sofa set before you can start following it. You know why?

Because face it, if someone wants to work on their looks, he/she won’t even bother to make a list or save a reminder about it. They will just do it without any stupid reminder reminding them about it. But this is not the problem, this is actually just the beginning of the problems.

The true problem here is when someone is trying to improve themselves by getting such changes like they will not care anymore, they will be less emotional, they will become more cool, they will work on their personalities etc. For all you people, you are not making a resolution for yourselves but you are just trying to prove yourself to your surroundings. Your resolution might be your resolution but it’s not a resolution for you.

Every other day is creepy and it will also be creepy in 2016 like it was in 2015, and those resolutions of yours will make them even creepier than any creepy creeps in the creepy land. You don’t need to change yourself just because your resolution said that. The reality is that the whole concept of changing yourself is preposterous. It’s like an infant planning that by next month I will be speaking French.

We humans observe and learn each and every day, and the only way to do it, is by respecting the past you. Respecting the naiveté you had in the past times, that naiveté has made you what you are and believe me this naiveté is your best friend. Never let it go, it is that mojo of yours which excites you every time you glance at the idea of learning something new.

Never neglect your past self, never ignore your present self and never ever plan your future self. You are the only you and there is no one like you, be yourself do not even took the trouble of making a resolution which can change you by any mean. If somebody have problems with you that’s their problem not yours.

Be with yourself, know yourself more. And if you necessarily want to make a resolution then make it like this:

1st. I will respect whoever I was in the past.

2nd. I am better than any resolution.

3rd. Bubye resolution.

Tear the page off from the middle. And keep this quotation in your mind.

Remember your heroic nature. And lift all those who intersect your life. There are no extra people alive today. You matter. More than you know.

Robin Sharma.

Welcome the 2016 by telling your calendar that hell no! You can’t.

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