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Branded Accessories Which Celebrities Use


Branded accessories:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.

We are living in the era when everyone has a role model for his life style. Nowadays usually celebrities inspires us a lot more than a historical hero. Guys observe their favorite models and celebs keenly for inspiration, like the brands they wear, the style they carry and the hobbies and activities they love to do. Sticking to our focal point that always is fashion I have compiled a short guide about the most popular Hollywood celebs and the brands they use. Especially when it comes to accessories we need a guide about the brand to follow and the ones not to. So celebrities become our visual guide they tell by their appearance about what is in fashion that we should follow. Watches and goggles are very important details that tells our fashion status. Every celeb has his specific brand for his specific accessory that he can’t comprise with any other brand. So there must be something special that compels them to stick to that brand for that specific accessory. So read this guide to get know which branded accessories your favorite celeb loves to wear.

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Branded accessories which celebrities use:

Tom cruise:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Watch: Tom cruise is known amongst the brightest Hollywood stars. As he is also known for his love of aircrafts, that’s the reason he is loving the new watch brand Belmont. That’s because this watch has a very unique dial and similarity with the instruments of old aircrafts.
  • Goggles: Tom cruise loves different goggle brands that he trust most for his fashion. That famous brands are Ray Ban, Aviator and LGR Comoros. Not only in his personal life but he use these brands in his movies also.

Tom Hardy:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Goggles: Tom hardy believes on Oakley for his goggle’s fashion and style. He loves to wear Oakley plaintiff for his personal style statement.
  • Watch: Tom hardy has his love for omega seamaster planet ocean oo7 when it comes to watch selection. Omega’s watch collection worth to be praised. Its watches speaks about their elegance and worth.

Justin Theroux:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Watch: Justin Theroux loves Rolex and Tommy Hilfiger. And why shouldn’t he? Rolex and Tommy Hilfiger gives u every reason to love it.
  • Goggles: Justin Theroux is the big epitome of very elegant and stylish Alexander, Dior and Ray Ban Aviator.

Miles teller:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Watch: Watch that Miles Teller carry as his style statement is Complex Montblanc and Rolex wrist watch.
  • Goggles: Like all other famous English stars Miles teller also loves to wear Ray Ban and Tom Ford to style his trendy looks. You can spot him wearing this brand on many events.

Chris Pratt:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Watch: Chris Pratt is different from all other stars in his wrist watch selection. He loves to wear Casio G-Shock military series and Omega watches.
  • Goggles: Chris Pratt loves to wear Oakley as his eye wear. We can see Chris Pratt wearing Oakley’s goggles in many of his movies too.

Paul Rudd:

Branded accessories, Men Fashion Accessories, what to wear
Branded accessories.
  • Watch: Paul Rudd is the shining star of Hollywood who made his career shine with the most popular Ferrari and Rado wrist watches.
  • Goggles: Paul Rudd wear goggles by Burberry and Tom Ford. He is fond of these brands for his eye wear.

Inspiration is always needed in fashion industry for a visual guide about latest fashion and trends that are being introduced in fashion industry. These top six famous Hollywood celebrities are using all these most popular brands that we can follow as our style guide. Following someone is good but being dependent on other’s style is not good. The brands celebs use should be just a guide for you and you have to follow what looks good on you.

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