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ONLY Rightly Picked Beard Shows Manliness:

Rightly picked beard:

Rightly picked beard, men facial hairs, grow a beard,

ONLY rightly picked beard shows manliness.

Beards are in fashion altogether no matter what so ever the season may be. The bread trend is nor a recent one neither it is an old one. But beards are somewhat evergreen. It is true that beard always give you a manly look that a man needs to have. In the older times beard was associated with some religious and ethnic groups and cultures. On the contrary now it has a little association with the religions. It is more like a symbol of STYLE AND TRENDS these days. And you will be surprised to know that even kids look good with the beardy look as long as it is nicely managed. Growing a beard is a show of masculinity and adulthood. The beard is point of difference between other genders and child hood. Make sure that you choose the style that looks best on you since it’s the rightly picked beard that shows manliness. Want to know how? Let’s go ahead.

ONLY rightly picked beard shows manliness:

Rightly picked beard, men facial hairs, grow a beard,

Men facial hairs.

Are you fond of beards and afraid how it will look on you? Then it’s time to get you started. It’s always good to find yourself a role model. Finding role model doesn’t necessarily mean that you should become a copycat of that person, instead, it is only for your motivation sake. Remember the things that you will need to get yourself a manly look requires a little hard work, consistency, commitment and dedication. You need to stick to your resolution no matter how the circumstances may. Be it itching and bumping or the peoples comment or any anything, you need to be steadfast with your commitment of not shaving. Just six weeks of commitment will bring you results of your sacrifice.Make yourself strong enough to bear the people’s comment. You may get many negative responses on your new style but at the same moment remind yourself that
IT’S YOUR LIFE, YOUR STYLE and you should live it your way.

Rightly picked beard, men facial hairs, grow a beard,


In all this time remember your oath of not shaving instead take pride on yourself that you have the courage, stamina and guts to bear a beard. Once you have your full beard come out, you can trim it; and shape it in your desired style. A tip to remember: do not try very trendy beard shapes in the early phase of bearding; let the people get used to your beard thing and then go for changing your beard style. Premature shaping will create problems in future shaping.

Rightly picked beard, men facial hairs, grow a beard,

ONLY rightly picked beard shows manliness.

Adopting a beard style should be in accordance to your face and the amount of your beard growth. Here I need to mention very clearly that ever individual will have a different growth style. Do not bother yourself with this thought. It’s all about the genes that make GROWTH FASTER or slower or even at times none. Some people have patches left out without beard growth. So this something not to be worried about. In all this bearding phase the self-consciousness is at the peak of all emotions. Try to get yourself free from that. More self-consciousness will result in more restlessness and the more restless you will be the hardest it will be to go through this crucial phase.

Rightly picked beard, men facial hairs, grow a beard,

ONLY rightly picked beard shows manliness.

Also relief yourself from pain by using soothing lotions and oils, washing face regularly and most importantly not scratching your face too much. More scratching will lead to more itching. And then once you have your beard all set you are ready to go with what STYLE YOU WANT. And yes! Remember to take a few advices of putting up a nice beard because only rightly picked beard shows manliness!!

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